How to Tell the Difference Between Real and Fake Jordan 11s

Don’t know how to tell the difference between real and fake Jordan 11s? We’ve got your back. Find out what the differences today!

the Difference Between Real and Fake Jordan 11s

Jordans have got to be the most iconic basketball sneakers ever made. They work just as well on the court as they do in the club or walking down the street.

Just chilling at home? That’s fine because they are really comfortable. The only problem is that there is a huge market for fakes and they might not be as easy to identify as you think.

The Air Jordan 11s are in a league of their own but can you spot a fake? Don’t leave it up to chance. Find out how to tell real from fake.

the Difference Between Real and Fake Jordan 11s

So You Think You’re A Sneaker Junkie?

OK, so you got a pretty nice collection in the works. You’ve got some Jordans, Air Forces, and even some Penny Hardaways.

But anyone with a little spare change can buy sneakers. That doesn’t make you an expert. Scammers love nothing more than a sucker with money.

Air Jordan 11s Black Out can fetch a price tag worth a small fortune, making it well worth the crime to some people. Even if you don’t know much, anyone can learn to spot fakes.

the Difference Between Real and Fake Jordan 11s

Real Recognize Real?

It’s hard to know exactly how many fake sneakers are out there. Counterfeiters generally don’t publish too many details of their operations.

However, there is good reason to believe they all over the place. In fact, Customs officers seized over 14,000 counterfeits of sneakers including Air Forces and Jordans 11s red and other types.

We’ve all seen memes of obviously fake apparel but it’s not always easy. One way to ensure you get the real deal is to pre order Jordans 11 from a trustworthy source.

Fake Jordan 11s Identification Guide

First, you need to check the packaging. The box should be sturdy and carry the logo on the side on the (tightly-fitting) lid.

Look for anything that looks off such as spelling mistakes and strange-looking logos. There should be an identification sticker with a serial number on the box. This number must match with the number found on the tag inside the shoe.

Interestingly, you have to look at the ‘Q’ in the phrase “FABRIQUE EN CHINE”. The tail of the letter ‘Q’  must originate inside the circle.


Color Guide

Whether you are getting a pair of Jordan 11s Bred, Jordan 11s Concord, or the Jordan 11s Low Retros, you need to pay close attention to the color scheme. Fake Jordans are more likely to have unusual color combinations.

You need to be especially careful with the colors of the soles. Oftentimes, they just don’t look right with the rest of the colors.

Living The Jordans Life With Confidence

Sure, there are a lot of fake Jordans out there. That doesn’t mean you can’t safely buy those Jordan 11s you’ve had your eyes on.

You just need to be careful. Try not to buy ‘discount’ sneakers from unverifiable dealers on the street. Check the packaging and the shoes carefully and you should be fine.

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