How To Combine Contrasting Styles in One Outfit

how to combine contrasting styles

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to get the clothes that you want. With just one click of the mouse, you can order anything you like, so days of longing for your favorite clothes are pretty much over. Check out this review on where to buy korean outfits online. Yet, many people continue to complain about not having enough to wear, despite constantly buying new clothes. So, what’s the reason for that? Obviously, we live in the age of abundance where everything is available, but the true reason is that many people don’t really know how to wear their clothes and combine various styles to create stunning outfits.

So, if you’re planning to spruce up your summer wardrobe or just give your personal style a makeover, here are the best ways to match and wear contrasting styles in one single outfit:

1. Wear sneakers with a dress

combine contrasting styles were sneakers with dress

When it comes to dresses, many agree that they’re best paired with the elegant pair of heels or sandals. Yet, nowadays many women decide to wear dresses with sneakers, which is actually more comfortable and lets you plan your outfits better. Why wait for a special event to wear the dress, when you can just hop into your favorite pair of sneakers just because sneakers are considered casual footwear, it doesn’t mean they can’t be worn in situations that require more elegant dress code. It’s important to find the right pair of sneakers so if you can’t decide then classic red or black chucks are always a great choice.

2. Mix masculine with feminine

how to combine conrasting styles in one outfit mix feminine with masculine

Just because men and women are different, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t borrow some style tips from each other. Men generally tend to rock baggy and oversized clothes more, but, of course, women are also catching on to this style, just look at Ariana Grande — nobody wears cute oversized women hoodies better than her! Yet, mixing masculine and feminine styles in one outfit can sometimes backfire, so it’s important to know what you’re doing. Usually, if one element of your outfit is going to be masculine and casual, the rest should be feminine and elegant. That way you can achieve the balance between the two, so next time you feel like wearing baggy jeans or a big jacket, make sure to match that with something different, such as an elegant bag or a pair of suede heeled knee-length boots.

3. Experiment with contrasting colors

combine different fashion

In case you don’t feel like stepping out of your usual style, but you still want to add a few changes, then mixing contrasting colors is the right thing for you. You can wear pretty much anything, just make sure that colors are different from each other. Pair pink with turquoise, violet with yellow-green, or oranges with blue violets. Just keep in mind to not overdo it, because you’ll end up looking tacky. So, to be safe, make sure to mix two colors and if you need to wear extra accessories, opt for those that are black or nude. Experimenting with various colors can also have a positive effect on your mood and can also change the way others see you.

4. Don’t be afraid to revisit your high school days

how to combine contrasting styles


Remember those days when you used to identify with various music genres in order to get through the horrors of adolescence? Almost every person went through the stage when they were a punk, a metalhead or a goth. Now let’s be honest: there’s something magically impressive about punk style, so obviously, adding those elements into your regular style can make you look more interesting and stylish, but make sure not to overdo it so you won’t look like you’ve been getting ready for the Halloween party. For example, you can wear leather studded bracelet and pair it with an elegant suit, or if feel free to match combat boots with a romantic pink tutu dress. Wearing this kind of outfit can add a whole new dimension to almost any boring outfit.

5. Match metallics with bold colors

contrasting fashion

Metallics are considered basic colors, so basically you can match them with any other bright or lively tone of your choice. So, you can wear metallic dress or trousers and pair them with a bright yellow leather jacket. Similarly, you can also match metallic-colored clothes with brightly colored footwear, such as leather boots or open-toe sandals. Metallics are easy to match with different colors, so if you opt for this type of outfit, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd.


different fashion styles

As you can see, matching contrasting styles doesn’t have to be hard, but it’s important to emphasize the importance of keeping the fine balance between stylish and extreme. Obviously, we live in an age of abundance where everything is available: from matching rave outfits for your festival to sexy cyber costumes for your Halloween party. So the reason is that many people don’t know… If you’re prone to mixing everything in one outfit, maybe it’s better to call a friend who’ll help you decide on the final choice of outfit. You’re surely free to wear anything you like, and don’t be afraid to experiment, because sometimes it’s important to leave your fashion comfort zone in order to discover and appreciate other styles and outfits.

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