How Tieks are Hitting Every Important Shoe Trend for 2023

Tieks has been re-inventing the ballet flat since 2008 when it launched as an online-only shoe brand. In the 15 years since launching, the Italian leather shoes—known for their comfort, vibrant teal soles, and gorgeous carrying cases that ship with each pair—have constantly re-invented themselves. They’ve issued limited-edition releases like neon and Drago Tieks, which sell out almost instantaneously. They’ve added mommy and me styles to their line-up, sending the world of influencers aflutter. But this year, these versatile shoes remain runway-ready due to some of the features present in every pair. This is because ballet flats are back in a big way for 2023, bringing their casual elegance to the forefront of every fashionista’s spring shopping list.

tieks are back in fashion

Ballet Flats: A Brief History

This shoe traces its origins back to 1941 when designer Claire McCardell commissioned a pair from the world-famous shoemaker employed by New York City’s Metropolitan Opera House. Six years later, Italian designer Rose Repetto hand-crafted a pair for her ballet dancer son, and many performers at the Paris Opera House fell in love with the style. Soon, the minimalist shoe caught the eye of Hollywood starlets such as Brigitte Bardot, and pairs made their way onto the silver screen, gracing the feet of many stars from that point forward.

In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, ballet flats came in and out of style as women loved foregoing the discomfort of high heels but feared flats rubbing at their heels, undercutting their intended comfort. Luckily, in 2008, Tieks CEO Kfir Gavrieli managed to solve all these problems—and many more—when he introduced his new take on classic ballet flat design to the world.

Introducing the Tieks Difference

So often in shoe design, consumers must choose between comfort and style. But, with Tieks, that’s just not the case. Soft Italian leather construction and internal foam cushioning make these ballet flats feel like a dream. And the signature teal-colored soles, along with the vast number of upper colorways in a range of matte, patent leather and even printed finishes mean there’s a stylish pair of Tieks to go with every type of outfit. Especially this year, when the unique design options feed perfectly into the hottest design trends for spring 2023.

The New Way to Wear Ballet Flats

This year, couture designers are sending ballet flats down the runway, but they’re making sure the shoes come with standout features that put a unique spin on this classic silhouette—something Tieks’ designers have been doing since the very earliest days of the brand’s launch.

At the same time, minimalist shoe design is also having a moment on this year’s spring runways. And, yet again, Tieks are right on trend, since their standout features come mainly in the form of vibrant colorways and their unique, foldable design. But each pair still maintains a sleek and streamlined silhouette.

In short, whether dressing for a day of errands, a day at the office, or a night on the town, adding Tieks to an outfit is the perfect way to follow this year’s design trends while maintaining an aura of classic elegance. Ready to find that perfect pair? Head to the online  shop at

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