How Can Online Beauty Channels Keep Audiences Faithful?

Around 62% of women surveyed by Alessia Vettese from the Harvard Business School reported that they followed beauty influencers on social media, looking to them as the most important source when it comes to selecting beauty and skincare products. This figure is much higher than that achieved by traditional advertisements (44%) and marketing by celebrities (34%). Today, beauty bloggers are seen as a crucial source of objective information, owing in no small part to their reputation for objectivity and their penchant for sharing actual use and results of the products they review. If you wish to exert your own influence in the realm of beauty with your own vlog or social media channels, what factors should you keep in mind to ensure you become a ‘must visit’ channel for your fans?

online beauty channels

Selecting The Right Media

When appealing to a beauty-centered audience, choosing the right media to prioritize is key. Instagram is the foremost platform used, owing to its emphasis on impactful imagery and stories. Beauty and fashion influencers such as James Charles, Chiara Ferragni, and Em Ford utilize a blend of 24-hour stories and permanent content, using polls, questions and live streams to connect more directly with audiences. After Instagram (viewed by 82% of beauty followers), Facebook (77%) and YouTube (59%) are also strong when it comes to publishing beauty content.

Including Video Content

Whether you have a website or blog, prioritizing video content is key at a time in which 69% of marketers who don’t use video say that they expect to start soon. Research by Animoto shows that 85% of marketers say that video is an effective way to garner attention online, and viewers are able to retain 95% of a message when it is relayed online. Whether you will be posting vlogs, video tutorials or stories, ensure you Beauty and fashion influencers that understands the needs of people with disabilities. Start out with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which establish standards to follow. Just a few features to include in your content include the use of transcripts and captions, blocking autoplay functions, and using audio descriptions that pay alongside the video, ensuring people with vision problems know what is occurring in your video.

online beauty channels

Choosing Your Niche

The realm of beauty is wide, and some influencers include a blend of topics on their channels. Jeffree Star, for instance, includes both makeup and skincare reviews, as do Jaclyn Hill, James Charles, and most top-level influencers. For a small channel, however, consider building up your follower numbers and views by focusing on a chosen niche, ensuring it reflects your own tastes, concerns or interests. For instance, if you wish to set up a skincare channel and you have sensitive skin, why not focus on products that help reduce the symptoms of common skincare conditions? If you prefer to delve into the colorful world of makeup, you may choose to focus on high-end products, everyday products, or influencer-owned brands. You can always change the content around as you go, focusing more strongly on videos that have garnered the most views, comments, likes and shares of your channels. Don’t leave it to instinct; instead, use marketing tools to ascertain the nature of your audience, their location, the length of time they stay tuned to your videos, the engagement rate, and the gadgets they use to watch you. Analytics tools will also help you know if your calls to action are receiving the response you desire. Just a few tools you might like to start out with include YouTube Analytics, Wisita, and Sprout Video, although there are many more that provide useful video metrics.

If you are keen on starting your own vlog or channel, start out by giving due priority to the channels your audience is more likely to find you on, such as Instagram and YouTube. Include video content, since research indicates that those who do receive a good ROI in the small investment they make in equipment, editing software, and the like. Finally, find a niche that will get you noticed, feeling free to expand your topics as required by your audience.

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