Floral Print: What To Consider When Choosing It

Floral patterns are pretty timeless in fashion. They are especially popular of course in the spring, when the flowers are in bloom and this trend continues as we sizzle into the summer season.

It is often difficult to pinpoint the perfect floral print for the body size or shape and occasion. After all, we don’t want to look frumpy and old-fashioned or like we are wearing grandma’s old drapes. So, what is important to consider when choosing a floral print garment for our wardrobe?

choosing a floral print garment for our wardrobe

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Floral pattern type

A first step is always to think about what florals really appeal to you visually. Rather than choosing a print you don’t like, go for the ones that you love of course. What sort of personality are you? Is there a preference for tiny, dainty flowers or bold, large flowery statements? Take into consideration what type of garment and fabric are involved. If you are planning to wear a flattering, flowing dress, consider what body parts you want to camouflage or be a focal point. Go denser to camouflage and sparser to focalize an area.

Age is also an important factor as more stylized prints tend to work best as we move on in age and mature.

Floral pattern size

Large floral prints can give the impression of a much larger surface area. The body frame can in the same way appear smaller with a smaller print. So, if you want to look somewhat smaller and are of more generous proportions, then go with smaller patterns for that off shoulder dress, flowy maxi dress, midi or swing dress. Avoid wearing oversized items with oversized prints in every case. You will not only look frumpish and unstylish, but even larger than you really are! Plus size women’s dresses with floral patterns can be totally versatile and styled for any occasion.


The position of the pattern is paramount to floral print success. It will bring attention to the location where it is placed. You can easily attract attention to where you want it and remove it from where you don’t. If you have large thighs, you can still combine neutral, solid toned pants with a floral print blouse. The blouse will bring attention away from your thighs.  There are great ideas about what to wear to hide a belly bulge, like wearing some floral print pants with a solid tone top. It’s all about using the power of attraction in the floral pattern.

 Keep it simple

For a floral outfit to work, it’s essential to maintain an overall balanced look. Once you’ve decided on your floral jumpsuit or dress, forget about adding too many accessories. Just keep it simple with minimal accessories—some cute earrings or some shiny bangles.

Choose neutral, block tones to style with floral garments. Style a fabulous floral skirt with a neutral-toned beige or white blouse, for example, for that perfect look.

Florals don’t have to be seasonal attire

 Floral garments can be feminine, fun, and extremely flattering. But there is no need to keep them just for the spring and summer—they’re great all year round. Roll out some flower power for an exotic night out in a strapless dress with floral prints and a cool shacket. Set against black, stunning flowery designs can look smart and elegant, ideal for every mood and occasion.

Finally, let’s not forget that floral prints feature on many other wardrobe items. If summer dresses and blouses with flowery designs are not your thing… try something else. Think floral pumps, sneakers or boots. Combined with a block-toned garment, they complete a charming and trendy look. There’s no end of options when it comes to floral design on bags. Collections include floral print backpacks, crossbody bags, designer bags and of course purses.

So go on, flourish and blossom this season—get into florals!

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