Fashion with a Cause

Nowadays, more and more fashion brands are reshaping their business model to ensure charity donations and other initiatives that are centred around giving back. Some companies plant a tree for every order made, others donate a portion of proceeds to charity. Keen to know which brands go the extra mile to support local or global initiatives? See our top list below.

bawbags fashion for cause


Like any good idea, this one started in a pub. They wanted to make great boxer shorts whilst supporting charities – and this is exactly what they’re doing now. Bawbags supports a variety of cancer charities, including a leading one aimed at male cancers. They’re also doing their bit for the environment as lots of their boxer shorts and other products are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. If you’re looking for a novel print pair of underwear, make sure to check out Bawbags.


Toms became quite famous for their “buy one, donate one” model, which meant that for every pair of shoes sold they were donating a pair to a person in need. They stepped away from this in 2019. This doesn’t mean they’ve changed their position on giving back! Instead, they’ve changed their charity model to ensure it would reach a wider audience. They will now invest a third of their profits into grassroots good and support local communities in a way that suits them. Not only have they changed their charity model, but they have also expanded their product range. Don’t forget to look at a pair of Toms if you’re in need of a new pair of shoes.

fashion for cause

Return to Sender

Return to Sender was founded with the aim to help ensure that the women behind the products we buy are able to build a life for themselves. Ensuring fair trade is behind sustainable development. Every year a new collection is designed, inspired by local colours, techniques and materials. This collection is created in collaboration with locals to ensure all handmade products has a unique story and selling point. As the name suggests, the revenue is directly returned to the sender, which contributes to a better life for the creators. All in all, this initiative has helped create thousands of additional jobs in developing countries where opportunities are sparse. Return to Sender have an amazing collection of lifestyle products, make sure to check it out if you’re in need of a unique gift.

Tony Chocolonely

A bit of the odd one out in this fashion list but hear us out! Started after a journalist realised how much modern slavery was involved in chocolate, the founders of Tony Chocolonely was founded with the aim of making chocolate 100% slave free. And since then, they’ve taken great steps to ensure the supply chain of cocoa is improved by working intensely with farmers and cooperatives. The fact that the Fairtrade model only goes so far is also echoed in the design of their chocolate bar: it is divided up in unequal segments. Tony’s started off small in the Netherlands and is now going global. If you want to have some chocolate knowing that work is done to abolish modern slavery in the cocoa industry, make sure to buy some Tony’s.

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