Fashion Styles Influenced by Culture

Sometimes, keeping up with fashion feels like chasing the wind. This underscores the need to be a trendsetter, but one must have a unique perspective of how fashion styles are shaped for that to happen.

Culture is the primary factor that influences fashion. Here is an overview of how significant fashion statements influenced fashion.

Fashion Styles Influenced by Culture

Black culture

Bucket hats: A quick look at a random Instagram Stories shows a girl with colorful strands of hair, a big T-shirt, baggy jeans, and a bucket hat. Fashion styles like these are now highly popular and fashionable, but before, they were not a Generation Z thing; they were part of the 90s black culture.

Bucket hats are loved by many celebrities, promoters, and even fishermen! Bucket hats were designed to protect the fishermen from the rain and hot sun and were later embraced by the military in the 40s.

Black stars from Rihanna to LL Cool made bucket hats even cooler, and they are now considered a “must-have” piece of wardrobe.

Baggy jeans: Baggy jeans are also becoming increasingly popular. They can be worn with anything form of designer T-shirts to summer shirts for women. They give a chic look, perfect for a carefree weekend. The trend became massively popular at the peak of hip-hop in the 80s.

Blacks and African Americans mostly wore baggy, loose-fitting clothing. The clothes were made second-hand to reduce costs. The trend was taken up by hip-hop stars and made a significant impression on young people.

Sneakers: After rubbers, sneakers were the next big invention, but they did not become popular until after the 1970s. Even though they were initially assigned to limited to use in sports, hip hop took them to the streets.

Today sneakers are a symbol of money and status. Sneakers like Jordans cost a pretty penny, and you can easily find youngsters rocking DJ Khaled x Air Jordan 3 ‘Grateful.’

Hoop Earrings: The earrings were used by traditional African women but are now a trendy due to Black and Latin culture. Printed necklaces are another must-have. They originated from New York, where children wore them to express their personality and display their names.


Fashion Styles Influenced by Culture


Asian culture

Asian kimonos: Kimonos started in Japan and signified class and power. Although it was once used with traditional dresses worn for special occasions, it is now the simplest clothing for spring and winter.

Henna: Henna tattoos have a multicultural aspect and were traditionally popular in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East to beautify brides. Henna tattoos are now widespread in many shows and festivals.

Nose rings: Before every teenage girl on TikTok got a nose ring, the accessory was a symbol of religion and culture among Indians and South Africans.

In Indian culture, nose rings were used as an enchantment to boost fertility and reduce menstrual cramping. A Bride in India wore nose rings for their weddings. In South African cultures, nose rings signified wealth and status.

Other cultures

Cow hats and boots: Cow hats, boots, and vets originated in Spain in the 11th century. They were used by the cattle herders who loved hats, tight-fitting trousers, jackets, and boots.

The style was adopted by cowboys when cattle farming expanded to America’s northern plains in the early 19th century.

Black consumer choices have a “cool factor.”

Black fashion trends are not just important pieces of elegance but, most importantly, as symbols of identity. Blacks and African Americans wear statements, and research positions this race as the most influential where consumption trends are concerned.

Take note

Appreciation of culture is great. This is when one respects another’s culture and customs and gives them credit.

Appropriation of culture is theft. This is when one exploits certain aspects of another person’s culture while ignoring everything else about that culture.

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