Fashion Accessories: Tips for Adding them to your Style

Fashion accessories are a great way to complement your outfit and stand out in style. However, with multiple options available, knowing where to start or how to add them to your style can be challenging.

Below, we offered tips on incorporating fashion accessories into your look in a chic, stylish, and cohesive way.

fashion accessories

1 Go for items that’ll compliment your features

Accessories accentuate your facial and body features.

Are your eyes too small? You can make it appear bigger by wearing accessories. Same if you want to make your neck appear slimmer or your calves appear more defined.

For example, we recommend wearing large hoop earrings to draw attention to your cheekbones’ tilt. You can also wear heels to appear taller. Or wear a scarf that complements your eyes to make them look bigger. And if you want to highlight your collarbones, we suggest wearing a thin chain necklace.

2 Merge dazzling accessories with understated clothing

Like magic, everything changes when you add statement jewelry to neutral clothing. Wearing bold jewelry like a cuban link chain can instantly transform a simple outfit into something chic and eye-catching.

Is your wardrobe filled with clothing with neutral colors like white, black, or almond? Wearing accessories help you experiment with bright pinks and help your outfit stand out better.

The fantastic thing about neutral shades is that they pair with almost any other hue, striking out the need to bother yourself about matching your accessories with your clothes.

3 Don’t decorate yourself with multiple accessories

So you have numerous accessories stored in your closet, chest drawers, and dressing table, and you think decorating yourself with them will help you make a fashion statement.

It’s a big myth!

When you decorate yourself with hats, scarves, a fedora, and sunglasses, each piece will struggle to stand out. Plus, your outfit will look cluttered.

Select a few accessories to complement your outfit. Or select one that draws attention to the attribute you want to emphasize.

4 Select accessories that complement your skin tone

What is your skin tone? Is it warm or cool? What about your hair and eyes? Regardless of skin tone, your accessories will stand out if they complement your natural-looking coloring.

Are you lucky to have a cooler skin tone? If so, go for jewel tones and silver over gold. What about those with warm-toned skins? If this is you, then go for earth colors and golden tones.

Don’t know your skin tone? Do this:

Place a silver bracelet on one wrist and a gold bracelet on the other. This will help you figure out if you have warm or cool-toned skin.

Alternatively, you can scrutinize the bracelets. Which of them is more attractive on your skin and makes your eyes sparkle like sunlight shimmering on a beach? If you have a warm complexion, it’ll be gold. On the other hand, if you have a cool complexion, it’ll be silver.


Fashion accessories are a great way to add personal style and flare to your outfit. Whether it is sophisticated jewelry, classic wristwatches, or stylish sunglasses, accessories can complement your outfit.

It’s important you go for pieces that reflect your style and match your outfit. And remember, don’t wear multiple accessories at a time.

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