Fashion 101: Style Guide for a Rectangle Body Shape

Your dressing style speaks a lot about your personality! No matter what shape or size you’re, with a little bit of knowledge and creativity, you can rock any outfit with confidence. So, knowing your body type is the key to filling your closet with clothes that compliments your body frames.

rectangle body shape

Before we jump to the styling guide, know about the common characteristics of a rectangle body shape:

    • Bust and hips usually have the same width
    • Straight shoulder line
    • Little to no visible curves
    • Straight hips and bottom
    • No defining waistline

So, if you have a rectangular body shape, you need a special guide to know what best suits your frame, and this would also help you to find a bodysuit like this or upgrade your personal style. Read on.

Clothing Guide for a Rectangle Body Shape

Probably the best thing about rectangular body shapes is that they get to choose the outfits they want to play up. And below, we have shared the most attractive clothing options for your different styling needs.

 Best Tops

While women with rectangle body shapes have the liberty to rock any type of top or even a bodysuit, there are a few options that accentuate their body line, creating an attractive and appealing look. Here are the tops you should definitely consider:

    • V-neck
    • Sweetheart tops
    • Scoop neck
    • Detailed collar/ Collared blouses
    • Corset tops


Best Denim

Since a rectangle body shape doesn’t have a curvy hipline, one should go for types of denim that fit well and compliment the silhouette of the upper. Here are some of the desirable options for you.

    • High-waisted jeans
    • Bootcut jeans
    • Wideleg
    • Flare

In the case of pants, here are some options:

    • Straight pants
    • Pleated pants
    • Flared pants

Best Dresses

Since a rectangle body shape is known for a straight silhouette with not many curves, little waist definition, and long legs, one should choose dresses that best accentuate their curves. Moreover, plus-size women can buy plus sized waist trainers to flaunt their curves and enhance the overall look of their dress. Here are the best dress options for you.

    • Fit and flare
    • Puff sleeves
    • Shirt dress
    • Belted dresses
    • Ruffle sleeve dress

Again, you have multiple options on your way. Yet, your best bet has to be a fit and flare, a-line skirt, and a sheath with a defined waist, and anything that’s cut asymmetrically.

Styling Accessories

While the right clothing pieces are the key to creating a balanced silhouette, pairing some styling accessories would help add a finishing touch to the entire look. Here are some options:

    • Different types of waist belts
    • Pointed toe shoes
    • Rounded toe shoes
    • Statement jewelry

Pro Tip:  While many of you don’t appreciate your rectangular shapes, it is actually a blessing in disguise. You can take inspiration from celebrities like Kate Hudson and Anna Hatheway, who have rectangle body shapes and yet rock every outfit they wear. So, it seems it is all about your confidence and how you carry yourself. So, the key is to choose the right pieces of clothing and don them confidently.

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