Don’t Be Fooled By Fake Louis Vuitton

Many online resources help today’s shopper to know what to look for in identifying a real Louis Vuitton product. The menace is real. There are so many well-crafted fake Louis Vuitton, in that telling them apart from the genuine ones requires experience. This calls for more than just shopping at expensive exhibition stalls or online.

It could be terrible settling for a Louis Vuitton replica at the price of a genuine one, especially if you wanted to own one regardless of the cost. This is why you need to know certain characteristics that all genuine LVs have and use them as identifiers to avoid adding an imitation Louis Vuitton merchandise to your designer collection.

Don't Be Fooled By Fake Louis Vuitton

How Can You Know If It’s A Fake Louis Vuitton?

A common phrase but so true when it comes to choosing the right Louis Vuitton product. An authentic Louis Vuitton will have no manufacturing defect.

All LV merchandises are handmade and before it is released to the market, it is carefully checked for any defects. No seller should convince you to buy a bag with any defect or imperfection. Check for loose threads and careless stitching.

Buttons, Zippers, and Clasps

Genuine Louis Vuittons have their zippers, clasps, and buttons made from quality materials and must be printed with a number on the backside. The polish on the zippers should not be worn out and the material and color of the clasps should be uniform.

Don't Be Fooled By Fake Louis Vuitton

Material Of Authentic Louis Vuitton

It is important to mention that Louis Vuitton never use rough leather on their bags. Ensure that the material of your LVis made of fine leather and should not be sticky or oily.

This guide does a great job at highlighting that all Louis Vuitton merchandises are made of soft and flexible leather, but the real quality is in the bag’s ability to maintain its shape regardless.

Sometimes the difference is obvious but we may assume it because of our familiarity with the product. Fake designer products may use different fonts from the authentic ones. The brand name may be printed with a smudge or intentionally misspelt. You should also check for labels and tags.

how to spot Fake Louis Vuitton

Serial number

Designer Louis Vuitton products use serial numbers as marks of authenticity. Usually, the number is sealed on the label in such a way that removing it without damaging the bag is impossible. Fake LVs may also bear the serial number but they are usually a printed sticker glued anywhere on the surface of the handbag and can be easily removed without causing any damage.

Packaging Of An Authentic Louis Vuitton

Similar to the Louis Vuitton merchandise, the packaging should also have no defects whatsoever. Packaging includes additional accessories that should not be sold separately or passed as a gift. An expensive designer product will have expensive packaging as well.

Distinctive Characteristics of A Louis Vuitton Replica

Each designer product has special characteristics only popular with the brand. An example is Dior which always has a red lining on the inside with the brand logo woven all through. Prada always has a matching color of the interior of the bag and the exterior of the bag.

It is therefore important for you to take time and study the features of an authentic Louis Vuitton product you want to buy to have better chances of buying the real thing.

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