Different Color Contact Lens Worn by Celebrities

Contact Lens changed the way the world sees. It is a thin layer of the lens which gets put directly on the eyeball. It gives the wearer 360-degree visions without the frames adding as an obstruction and enhance one’s vision.

They are easy to use, playful and also cost-effective. What more could the world want? But scientific advancement refuses to stop here as technological innovations are evolving rapidly. One day you see colored contact lenses are created and the next day you find graphic-rich online gaming applications, such as darmowe gry hazardowe owoce, providing real money winnings and bonuses.

Now, humanity is envisioning endless opportunities and possibilities in the near future, but let’s return to the main topic of contact lenses. A couple of years ago, the world saw the evolution of a colored lens. They did all the functions of a normal contact lens. The only difference was it had a color coating which gave the eyes a completely different color and enhanced one’s beauty with it.

A lot of celebrities swear by these coloured contact lenses as a cosmetic tool without harming the skin and eyes. If you vision is deteriorating, you don’t need coloured contacts. You need normal daily lenses.

Some of these popular celebrities who are often spotted in colored contact lenses are: Jennifer Aniston: Other than her spectacles, the famous actress from the 90’s sitcom FRIENDS is often known to use a light blue color contact lens. They go well with her generally brown or blond hair and highlight her features.

Orlando Bloom: The British actor has brown eyes. But he is often spotted wearing a blue colored contact lens in movies and in public. They were especially visible during The Lord of the Rings movies.


Ivanka Trump color contact lenses

Ivanka Trump: The daughter of Donald Trump, Ivanka is also a famous designer and has shown up on TV in the past years. Known to have dark brown eyes, the designer is often spotted wearing a honey fish colored lens.


Robert Pattison color lenses

Robert Pattinson: The Twilight actor famously wore an auburn brown colored lens over his naturally blue eyes throughout the movie series. He is one of the few actors reverse the famous blue color of eyes.


Paris Hilton color contact lenses

Paris Hilton: The heiress to the Hilton Hotel group and socialite, Paris Hilton is an avid user of colored contacts. She has used multiple colors of contacts to enhance her eyes and looks over the years along with using a lens to enlarge her eyes.


Amber Rose color lenses wearer

Amber Rose: Here is another celebrity model who likes to experiment with her eye color. She has often been spotted in blue, grey and hazel contacts to completely change her looks.  

Color lenses Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga: The singer is known for her eccentric fashion sense. She often uses contacts not only to change the color of the eyes but also to enlarge her eye.

Selena Gomez lenses in color

Selena Gomez: The Disney actress is often seen in public using a blue contact lens over her naturally brown colored eyes.


Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie: The actress also dons the hat of a director and that of a humanitarian. The actress is known to have naturally blue eyes but she uses orange eye contacts quite often to enhance her appearance.


Naomi Campbell wears contact lens

Naomi Campbell: The supermodel is known to change her looks very often and this includes her eye color too. She often rotates between brown to blue eyes to go with her overall appearance.


Kendall Jenner contact lens

Kylie-Kendall Jenner: Both the Jenner sisters have naturally brown eyes and both sisters regularly use blue contacts to highlight their features. The blue color gave a pleasing look to both the sisters.


Kanye West contact lens

Kanye West: The singer was spotted with icy blue eyes during the 2016 MET Gala. The look had the world divided as those contacts were far from his naturally colored eyes.


Tyra Bnaks

Tyra Banks: The supermodel has always turned heads with her beauty. She is known to use subtle green contacts over her naturally hazel eyes to highlight her beautiful eyes.  


Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens: The High School Musical actress has naturally brown eyes but she uses blue contacts to change her appearance for a refreshing look.


Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev: The Vampire Diaries actress is actually the brand ambassador of a famous brand of colored contact lenses. She actively advocated changing the eye color along with the hair color and make-up to bring a 360-degree change in the appearance. She is often spotted with various eye colors.


Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj: The famous female rap singer is known to use blue contacts while performing to bring out her eyes.


Kim kardshian west contact lens

Kim Kardashian-West: The reality TV superstar and entrepreneur has also been spotted wearing blue lenses. The lenses gave her a striking look.

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