Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend: The Top Tips for Styling Diamonds

Are you wondering how to style your diamonds with class and elegance? Read on to learn tips for styling diamonds and diamond jewelry.


Some people say that diamonds are dated… but the data tells a different story.

Spending on diamond engagement rings is up 25% since 2011 according to a survey conducted by The Knot. At the same time, according to a De Beers report – 33% of diamond sales are self-purchases made by women, for themselves.

So, it’s pretty clear that we all love diamonds.

But loving diamond jewelry and knowing how to style it are two different things. Have you ever tried on a piece only to feel that it is somehow separate from you, or that it doesn’t achieve the look that you are going for?

If so, read on. Because we are about to share with you some of the top tips for styling diamonds.

Know Your Skin Tone

One of the first pieces of advice for styling jewelry is to know your skin tone. Diamonds themselves look good on any skin tone, but the metal they are set in is another story.

If you have a warm skin tone, then gold settings will bring out your glow. If on the other hand, you have a cool skin tone, then silver will be the metal that will enhance your coloring.



Be Smart About How Your Features and Your Diamond Jewelry Interact

Just like diamonds, every woman has a unique beauty. Our facial features are made up of one-of-a-kind mixtures of small vs pronounced features and soft vs angular features.

Because diamonds catch the eye with their shine, they act to draw attention to different parts of one’s face or body. The key is to make sure that your jewelry is drawing attention to the features that you love and choosing the right type of ring style to match your hands.

For example, if you are not particularly fond of your neck, but you love your upper arms – then avoid wearing a choker (which will draw the eye to the neck) and maybe instead be bold and go for a diamond-studded armband.

Make Sure That Your Jewelry Makes You Pop, and Not the Other Way Around

Diamond jewelry is stunning, but the reason women want to wear it is to showcase and enhance their natural beauty.

Therefore, it is very important that you make sure that any pieces you wear work to highlight you, rather than overpowering you. If a piece is overpowering, then you will fade into the background and the jewelry will take center stage.

A great way to determine if a piece will work in harmony with you is to compare its shapes and overall size to yourself. Do you have a lot of angles and are strikingly tall? If so, angular pieces with longer vertical lines might be complimentary.

diamond styling

Take the Cut into Consideration

The cut of a diamond will influence how it looks once worn. Cuts such as round, princess and pear are busier and ‘cuter’ than bolder cuts such as asscher.

If you are wondering which out of all the different cuts to go for, according to Rockher Haute Jewels the emerald cut is the secret favorite among celebs such as Angelina Joli, Amal Clooney, and Beyonce thanks to its sophistication and dramatic geometry.

Be Occasion Appropriate

And lastly, one sure-fire trick to styling diamond jewelry is to always keep it occasion specific. Diamonds are striking and call attention to themselves, so it is important to make sure that you keep ornate and opulent pieces for evening events, and stick to simpler and more subtle ones for daywear.

Final Word

Diamond jewelry is as popular as it’s ever been, and if you want to rock rocks like the best, then you will need to know how to style them.

Now that you know about these tricks for styling diamonds to suit your individual beauty, your bejeweled look is about to get even more stunning.

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