Best Holiday Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Holidays are finally just around the corner, so you can have something relaxing and romantic to look forward to. However, holidays also mean gifts, and you’ve probably found yourself stuck once again, having absolutely no idea what to get for you man. Well, don’t worry, here are a few ideas suitable for any type of man in the world.

Gifts for a Sporty Guy

gifts for him

Is your boyfriend obsessed with sports? Is he adventurous? Does he look good in swimming shorts? Well, then get him a new paddle board that will allow him to get a good exercise while having fun on the water. There are both traditional paddle boards and new inflatable ones, so you can choose something that you think will fit his needs. On the other hand, if he enjoys watching sports much more than participating, you can get a wonderfully-bound New York Times book about his favorite baseball team. From first pitch to their last homerun, he will become a true expert on his winning team.

Gifts for a Busy Businessman

holiday presents for him

Every traveling businessman always needs a new piece of luggage to make his trips easier and more stylish. So, how can you allow him to carry all his business things and arrive at his destination with a pristine suit? A practical new bag will be able to fit all his documents, toiletries, clothes and other essentials. On the other hand, if your man needs to look professional but hates shopping, a monthly subscription box will provide him with some polished looks perfect for the office, business trips and even you evening dates. You can also give leather wallets for men for holidays.

Gifts for Inseparable Couples

gifts for himAre you stitched at the hip? Well, the world will definitely know that you’re “couple goals” if you get matching ugly Christmas sweaters. This one is guaranteed to make everyone laugh as he unpacks his gift. But, if you want to give him something more intimate, there’s no better gift than a few bedroom toys. Latest adult toys will be beloved by both of you and are perfect for all couples who want to spice up their intimate games.

Gifts for a Handyman

gifts for him

If your guy is always going around the house fixing things or if he loves spending time in his garage busy with DIY projects, consider gifting him with these few ideas. A custom-fit knife making kit will allow him to make his own knife perfect for kitchen activities and outdoor adventures. Or, you can surprise your handyman with a tool that will make home improvement projects a breeze. A stud finder and plumbing locator will allow him to see through walls and never hit another stud, pipe, wire or other materials during his projects.

Gifts for a Nerdy Cutiepresents for him

Every nerdy boy loves Star Wars, so why not surprise him with a new addition for his starry adventure collection? A handmade wooden music box will not only look amazing but also provide him with a beautiful soundtrack for his day every time he opens the box. The Star Wars theme will transport him right to his own Millennium Falcon or his personal Death Star. If your BF is a different kind of nerd, you can grab an ancestry kit and provide him with a detailed knowledge of his DNA and ancestry. One saliva sample and 6 to 8 weeks later, he will know everything there is to know about his body and you can finally prove that he’s a close relative to Neanderthals (ok, no ancestry shaming!)

No matter what he’s into, he will love and appreciate one of these gifts. Even if you don’t find something that will tickle his fancy, you will surely get inspired and grab a perfect gift for your wonderful boyfriend.

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