Best 5 Gone Country Cowboy Hats for Men

Your attire will not be complete without a good-old fashioned cowboy hat. Cowboy hats give you a manly and tough look, and it’s sure western!

There are a thousand and one varieties of cowboy hats you can choose from, but just a few are the best. From the wide brim Stetson, to the sun hat Guapo, cowboy hats sure have a way of setting a man apart.

Cowboy hats for men are designed to fit any head size, even if it is too big, you can always reshape it to fit you. The materials used to make these hats are very durable, and of high quality. In fact, the cowboy hats made by Gone Country are mostly hand-sewn and are very classy.

Top 5 Cowboy Hats for Men

This top 5 collection of cowboy hats were carefully evaluated under different criteria. The hats bring out the true west in you, and even if you are not a cowboy, you can look like one.



1. American Flag Straw Hat

With this water-resistant cowboy hat, nothing can rain on your parade. The full traditional style cowboy hat has a 4’’ brim, and can be curled up so that the flag is visible. This cowboy hat has an elastic headband to keep your head cool and comfy.

american flat hat

2. Colt

This hat has a crown that is rounder than most, making it perfect for men with a round head. Named after Colt Ford, the cowboy hat makes you look handsome, and very manly.

3. Dos Equis

If you are looking for something sexy, without the extra baggage, this awfully light-weight cowboy hat, also called sexy country hat, is perfect for you. The hat is ideal for a festival, or as a pool hat, and is very durable.

hat for cowboy

4. Jason

The Jason Aldean cowboy hat is the perfect blend of country and traditional western. The hat is water-proof, and also has an elastic sweatband, which makes it comfortable. This is one cowboy hat you need to add to your collection.

 Country Cowboy Hats straw hat

5. Vegas

This water proof palm straw hats absorbs sweat, and helps to keep you cool. The hat was designed with a mix of traditional western and rich country flair. It is perfect for spring, and will definitely make you look good.

A Hat for All Occasions

No matter what you are in the mood for, there is a hat for it. Bear in mind that this collection is limited, but you can select from a wider range on Gone Country. These hats are always in vogue, and are designed to never go out of style.

Besides making you look unique, cowboy hats protects you from harmful UV rays of the sun, helps to keep your head cool, and they make you look more western. They are sure one way to rock.

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