Benefits of Owning Bezel Necklaces

There are many ways to wear jewelry gemstones. Some popular jewelry choices nowadays are bezel necklaces. It is a sleek and smooth design that holds gems securely in one place. Bezel settings are ideal for almost all types of jewelry, like rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendant necklaces.

What are the benefits of bezels for your jewelry? Would necklaces with this setting suit you? The article covers many things you must know about these astounding jewelry pieces.

Bezel necklaces enclose diamonds or any other gemstone within jewelry pieces. These are available with a sleek and simple design. Read on to learn more about the benefits of these neckpieces.

bezel necklace

 Bezel Settings Are Secure

The best feature of having these settings in your necklace is their security. While the prongs also become loose over time, which puts you at risk of losing a stone, bezel ones are secure.

These are known to provide more protection than others. The design covers more gemstones than the prong ones, so the jewelry gets more safety against the drop and bumps impact. While this would be ideal for all types of gems, it is helpful for the protection of more fragile stones, like emeralds. 

Gems And Diamonds Appear Larger With Bezels

One of the most renowned benefits of these settings is that they make gemstones appear larger. They surround gemstones and add to the visual impact, especially in bezel necklaces, stud earrings, raised setting rings, and solitaire pendants.

Bezel Settings Are Available In Different Styles And Shapes

While the ones with complete enclosures are considered the standard design, there are ones known as partial bezels. In this type, the design does not surround a gemstone, and they often hold gems by enclosing them only on the sides. Such partial settings are open, semi, and half bezels.

In addition to various bezel settings and shapes, you’ll also find different styles. Such designs provide a vintage, antique, and romantic appearance.

They Can Work With Gemstone or Diamond Shapes

While they are commonly used for setting gemstones or round diamonds, bezel settings help hide imperfections in jewelry. For example, diamonds can be covered with such designs when they have a chip on their edges. Or when gemstones have noticeable inclusions on the edges, these lessen their visibility.

Why Go For the Bezel Design Necklace

It is an outstanding ring choice because of its suitability and modern look, and it also suits the active lifestyle. The bezel is among the safest settings, with a tight hold on the diamond in its place with custom-fit metal.

The settings provide stability without compromising on the beautiful appearance. The round-cut ones showcase their perfect features with an active lifestyle and durability.

Also, because of their unique design, these have lower chances of snagging on clothing.


A high-quality ring appears stunning in a bezel setting, denoting high quality and excellent craftsmanship. Always make sure to buy from reputed jewelers. These are perfect alternatives to find while upgrading engagement rings. These settings maximize the sparkle of your diamond as gemstones get their most light from the topmost part of the stone – which is exposed fully in this design. Moreover, they let you repurpose the original centerpiece stone within a necklace that you can wear near your heart.

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