Bead Jewelry and Bead Making

Pieces of jewelry have a sleek touch it gives to ones outfit. While some might have preferences on the material of jewelry they go for, others have to choose the outfit that goes with their jewelry. Since bead making became possible, it has become easier to pick jewelry that matches any outfit one chooses to go with. Bead jewelry are a vital part of today’s accessories and it’s demand has occasioned the presence of bead shops to meet the demands of the variety of beads you might be looking for.

The Bead Shop, a leading jewelry making outfit in Manchester offers a variety of services to its customers interested in bead jewelry and bead making.

Bead Jewelry and Bead Making

The Bead Shop Services

The bead shop does not just bring you the right kind of bead you are interested in and then leave you to figure out how to make it. The bead shop is known supplying both beads and bead making tools.

Irrespective of the type of bead you are looking for, whether simple wooden beads, traditional glass beads or maybe something a bit sleek like Swarovski crystal beads or semi-precious stones, the bead shop has you covered.

The bead shop has a unique selling point that makes it stand out among other competitors in Manchester. They also supply an array of jewelry making items like necklace chains, clasps, leather cords and jewelry making tools to turn your beads into an adorning piece of art.

In addition to this, the bead shop guides you to make the best pick and equally some beading techniques through their jewelry making blog. With this, you might want to make bead making more than just a hobby.

The Bead Shop Delivery Service

The Bead Shop offers different delivery options to accommodate the preference of its customers. No matter the demands of the customer, there is an option that matches their preference. The delivery options to be used depend on the urgency of need on the part of the customer and the worth of goods to be supplied. The bead shop has the following delivery options.

Recorded & First Class: Arrival time is between 1 to 3 business days.

Next Day Delivery/Special Delivery: This kind of delivery is guaranteed to arrive before 5 pm after the dispatch day. This delivery is done only on weekdays.

Saturday Delivery: Since deliveries are not done during the weekend, customers who want weekend deliveries are charged extra for this

Courier-Post: This is used for standard first class orders that cost over 150 Euros with no extra charge accrued.

The bead shop has different time distribution for their international deliveries. For western Europe, it takes 3 days to arrive, four days for the remaining part of Europe, and five days for other parts of the world.


The bead shop is unique in its services and therefore a recommended outfit for your bead jewelry and bead making items and tools. You can be sure that your satisfaction as a customer is well factored in.

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