Are Boots Casual Or Formal? The Age-Old Debate On It

Boots have always been the fashion staple for robust, strong personalities, and the wearers have been perceived as such. But when the question of whether you can wear boots to your workplace arises, most people are confused about the answer. So let’s dig deeper into the matter and see if you can don your favorite pair of boots as everyday workwear.

First of all, you should know the key types of boots that are available in the market. So, here it goes:

casual and formal boots

Ankle Boots

These boots are less overdone with a minimalistic appearance. They may end up near your ankle or somewhere a little above and may be supported on high, medium, or small heels. This footwear is quite simple in its appearance and can be donned to the workplace without much fuss.

Calf Boots

Now, as the name implies, they end higher up the leg than the ankle-length boots and are generally made of tough materials to survive the harshest of conditions like frost or snow. They are ideal as winter wear and it’s not recommended to walk in them to your workplace if the conditions aren’t too bad. However, they are the perfect pair of shoes for traveling, hiking, and exploring.




One of the oldest kinds of ankle boots, these were quite popular in the Victorian age and even now, the women love to wear them for the inherent comfort they offer. Without compromising on fashion, they can be donned with any kind of outfit, skirts or denim shorts, and are versatile enough to match your sense of style.

The Biker Boots

Specifically meant for bikers, these boots are not at all apt for office wear. However, they are great for travelers, especially because of the warmth they offer in colder climates. You can put them on with leggings, jeans, skirts, dresses, and a range of other apparel.

Riding Boots

These are mainly meant for people, who are in the habit of riding horses. They end just below the knee and are suitable for all types of weather conditions, hot, wet, or dry and cold. You can wear them with skinny jeans, tights, jeggings or skirts, but it’s not recommended to wear them to your workplace.

Now, if you’re keen to wear one of these pairs of boots to your office, the following tips may help:

casual and formal boots

Understand the Culture of Your Company

If your company is slightly liberal towards fashion, you can easily don all of these boots, except the biker one, to your workplace. You can check out the range of trendy women’s boots online, e.g the ones at JustFab that you can confidently wear to your workplace. Pair them up with the right accessories, and you’ll be good to go.

Suit Them Up

Strictly formal clothing like long blazers and formal skirts should go well with the close-fitting ankle boots like Chelsea and wedge boots, which generally have thinner and higher heels. They make you look professional, as well as stylish and trendy.

Choose the Apparel Carefully

Sometimes, the boots look quite formal, depending on your outfit. You can experiment at home to see which style suits you the best and exude a professional essence. Go for black, as it’s the safest of all shades.

Avoid Donning Shiny Patent Boots

Chic and shiny styles are just not for the professional environment, so it’s best to avoid them. Get a pair of black, taupe, or brown leather boots to complement your formal attire and boost your confidence.

No matter what style you choose, it’s important to look and feel professional while in your workplace, so choose your shoes and accessories carefully. Looking stylish in the office isn’t a crime, and if you carry yourself well, you’ll feel more confident at work.

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