8 New York Summer Fashion Trends for 2019 Coming in Hot off the Fashion Week Catwalk

If fashion week is anything to go by, New York summer fashion trends are set to be bold, blocked and fabulously fringed. Here’s what to expect this season.

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New York Fashion Week has a long and storied history. A lot has changed in the more than 70 years since the first fashion week – then known as “press week” – aunched. One thing that hasn’t changed? Fashion Week is always the first look at the styles that will become that season’s New York trends.

The fashion week trends that designers debut during their shows always trickle down to the mainstream. New York City sets the bar when it comes to fashion, and fashion week is a source of inspiration when it comes to updating your 2019 closet.

As summer approaches, it’s worth knowing what New York summer fashions are going to be popular. From bold colors to stand-out accessories, summer is the best time to be daring with fashion.

Below, we’re sharing the top eight New York summer fashion trends to look for. Read on!

1. Bet on Netting

New York summer fashions have always been about showing some skin. When the temperatures rise in the city, everyone is looking for fashion trends that will help them keep cool. In the past, that was by wearing mini skirts, or sleeveless tops, or outfits with creative cut-outs. This year? It’s nothing but net.

Sheer netting and crochet details were big on the New York Fashion Week runway, and are guaranteed to be popular details on summer styles. Everything from tops to accessories is getting the netted treatment.

If you want to wear the trend with a little more modesty, you can always layer flesh-colored tank tops, t-shirts, or slip dresses underneath netted tops.

2. The New Fringe

Fringe has always been a summer style staple. It is practically required wearing for summer music festivals and has long been paired with casual items like jean shorts, flip-flops, and flower crown accessories.

This summer, fashion week trends would suggest that the fringe look is getting a grown-up, glammed-up twist. It’s being paired with high-quality fabrics, and used as an embellishment on dramatic dresses, including floor-length ball gowns.

Fringe is also being paired with surprising prints, including animal prints and sequins. While fringe will still be a go-to look for the summer, it’s definitely not just for music festivals and country picnics anymore.

3. Highly Saturated Colors

Summer is a time to stand out, and the New York fashions that become the most popular during the season reflect that. During New York Fashion Week, bold colors were everywhere, and summer’s New York trends are definitely going to reflect that.

To incorporate the trend into your own summer wardrobe, look for items that stand out in shades of cobalt blue, bright orange, green and pink. If you want to see more options on how to incorporate color into your summer closet, shopping websites are a great place to go for inspiration.

4. A Summer Suit

A power suit is one of the most classic New York fashions, and it has evolved over time. It used to be reserved for stockbrokers and businessmen but has steadily evolved to being a womenswear item as well. When women wear the power suit, they put their own unique, feminine spin on it.

Now, fashion week trends have shown that there’s a version of the power suit that is perfect to wear all summer long. Rather than pairing a blazer with long pants, the summer version of the suit pairs it with longer, Bermuda-length shorts or a flowy, loose skirt.

This summer version of the power suit is perfect for the office when paired with pumps, but can also be made more casual with white sneakers or flats.

Depending on the occasion and where you are wearing your suit, you can switch up what you wear underneath the jacket too. For the office, opt for a t-shirt or button down. For a more casual event, you can wear it with a tank top – or no undershirt at all!

5. Flashback to Tie-Dye

Everything old becomes new again, and this year’s New York summer fashions are proving that to be true in a big way. On the New York Fashion Week runways, tie-dye, in particular, stood out as being a blast from the past that has been updated for the modern woman.

If you’re ready to dive headfirst into the tie-dye trend, there are a few things you should know. If you have tie-dye t-shirts or accessories saved from the first time the trend was popular, they might not do you much good. This time around, the print is popping up on streamlined, modern silhouettes.

Also, because it is summer after all-look for the pattern in bright colors.

6. Take a Hike

Streetwear sneakers have been one of the most popular New York trends for a while, but during New York Fashion Week, they got a decidedly summer-inspired twist. Hiking and mountaineering details are being incorporated into the sneakers you’ll want to wear all summer long. If you are hiking enthusiast, you may find  professional hiking gear such crampons, spikes or chains on Globo Surf.

These rugged shoes may have been inspired by summer adventures, but that doesn’t mean you have to hit the trails to pull them off. They look just as chic with jean shorts and a plain white t-shirt as they do in contrast to a flowy sundress.

7. Go For a Bucket

You work hard to get your glowing skin so it makes sense that you would want to protect it from the summer sun. Good news; this year’s fashion week trends included a way that you can shield your face from the sun’s rays while remaining in style.

Bucket hats were shown during several designer’s shows, including Louis Vuitton. It’s one of the more difficult New York summer fashions to pull off, but if you’re concerned with keeping your skin sun-free, it’s worth giving a try.

8. Beyond the Bicycle

The athleisure trend continues to evolve, and this summer’s newest staple really blurs the line between workout clothes and streetwear. Spandex bicycle shorts popped up on the fashion week runways, paired with loose blouses and blazers.

These may not be the most appropriate shorts for the office. But, if you want a casual, comfortable, and cool look for brunch, weekend errands or while enjoying betting at Asian Bookie Horse Racing, this could be the look for you.

Ready to Explore New York Summer Fashion?

New York summer fashion is all about being bold, daring, and taking risks. If you see a trend you love that you wouldn’t usually wear, now is the time to give it a try. Get inspired by the runways, and have your most fashionable summer ever.

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