7 Unique Wolf Necklaces That Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Animal-themed accessories have been trending for some time now. These accessories are becoming popular because they have a very minimal look. Although they are pretty minimalistic, they stand out just enough to complete the look. These animal-themed accessories, mainly necklaces, go well with daily wear and compliments casual outfits. You can even pull off a semi-formal look to a certain extent if you pair the accessories correctly. The most popular animal-themed addition would be necklaces.

 Unique Wolf Necklaces

Lately, people have become very fond of wolf tooth necklaces. Not just because the chains give off a minimal aesthetic vibe, but it is symbolic to many cultures. Wolf necklaces are more than just some fashion statement. In general, wolf fang necklaces are considered to be lucky charms. Like the animal itself, it also symbolizes courage, power, and intelligence, as well as loyalty. If you want to buy a wolf necklace, we have made things easier for you! Here are our top 7 wolf necklaces available online that you should look at before you decide to purchase one.

1 Wolf Stuff Tribal Wolf Necklace

The tribal wolf necklace by Wolf Stuff is a unique handmade piece of accessories to complete the look. The necklace is stainless steel that does not tarnish, and is chlorine resistant. Both the pendant and chain of the necklace have a metal finish, and the length is around 50 cm. This necklace is mostly a unisex one which makes a good fashion statement. It goes well with casual outfits. Wolf Stuff has a wide variety when it comes to wolf accessories. You can view the store and pick your favorite from there.

2 Scddboy Wolf Tooth Necklace

 Unique Wolf Necklaces

Scddboy offers simple pieces of design for the necklace. Even though it’s pretty minimalistic, it has a unique look and can stand out in the crowd. The pendant is a wooden wolf fang measuring around 2.4”x0.7”. The wooden pendant is attached with a brown leather cord through a jump ring. The leather cord has passed through a small hole made in the pendant. The cable size can be adjusted between 15” to 30”. Due to its resizable quality, the necklace comes in various sizes. Also, brown wooden beads are attached to both sides of the pendant, which increases its appeal. This Scddboy wolf necklace is a very thoughtful gift, especially to men.

3 COAI Wolf Pendant Necklace

COAI Wolf Pendant Necklace is pretty unique on its terms. This necklace from COAI does not feature an authentic wolf tooth. Instead, the design of a wolf fang is crafted on a black obsidian stone. The other wolf tooth options are usually a lighter shade, made from tiger’s eye, white howlite, golden obsidian, and sodalite. The string of the necklace is a black waxed nylon cord that is adjustable between 15”-27”. This COAI wolf pendant necklace is perfect for gifting couples since it comes in two pieces. Usually, the black obsidian is worn by males and the white howlite by females. Both black and white necklaces represent the balance between Yin Yang. COAI also claims that this particular necklace has healing properties from the stone.

4 HAQUIL Wolf Necklace

 Unique Wolf Necklaces

Haquil has meticulously crafted this top-grade wolf necklace with a very significant and unique design. This ancient viking wolf necklace features Fenrir at the center. Fenrir is the most infamous wolf in Norse mythology. Several Elder Futhark Runes are inscribed around the Fenrir circle. The necklace is made from high-quality zinc alloy with an antique silver finish. It has non-erosive properties and does not tarnish quickly. The pendant is about 1.4” (35mm) in diameter, and the chain is 19.7” (50 cm). The wolf is attached with a braided faux leather cord with 2” extender chains and a lobster claw clasp. You can gift this necklace to your loved ones on any special occasion.

5 Wolf Stuff Wolf Tooth Pendant Necklace

Wolf Stuff, as mentioned before, has a wide variety of different wolf necklaces. The wolf tooth pendant necklace has a pretty bold design. The pendant is a unique handmade piece with a metal finish. It has two white teeth attached and a few colored stones. The pendant size is around 50mm. The chain attached to the pendant also has a metal finish and is non-adjustable. The length of the chain is approximately 50 cm. It is chlorine resistant and retains its original color for a very long period.

6 Alchemy Gothic Dark Wolf Pendant

 Unique Wolf accessories

This gothic dark wolf pendant by Alchemy has an eye-catching design with a much antique finish. The necklace is carefully handcrafted in England with the finest English lead-free pewter. The pendant comes with a black curb chain that measures 53cm. The chain also comes with a 38mm extender chain. The necklace approximately measures 56x34x7mm at the widest points.

7 Jewever Simple Style Wolf Tooth Necklace

Jewever offers an effortless yet elegant piece of necklace. This simple wolf tooth pendant is made from black obsidian stone, and a wolf’s head is carefully crafted on the top of the rock. The pendant size is 62x16x11mm and is attached with a nylon cord whose length ranges from 19.69” to 31.5”. The nylon cord is adjustable and is beaded along its whole length. Apart from the elegant design, Jewever gives you a 90-day money-back warranty. So, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can always return it to the seller.


Purchasing an actual wolf tooth is pretty unethical unless it’s from a wolf that has already died due to natural causes. Instead of an authentic tooth, an imitation of the same in a more nature-friendly way does not lose its deep symbolism or meaning. The beauty of wolf necklaces lies in their simplicity and elegance. The chain is not only a fashion statement, but it also signifies a deeper meaning behind it. Anybody can gift these eye-catching necklaces to loved ones. The wolf necklaces can be worn with casual outfits and sometimes complete a semi-formal look.

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