7 Reasons Why Cotton Kurtis are Going Nowhere Anytime Soon

As summer approaches, it’s time we kicked back all the heavy and warm outfits and go for the lighter ones. What better to go stylish and feel super comfortable than in a cotton kurtis? Although the fabric industry has so much to offer, cotton fabric obviously tops the list. Wondering why cotton kurtis are evergreen on the trend? Here’s why.

cotton kurtis

Wear it Anytime, Anywhere

This outfit’s versatility is just one of the many reasons why cotton kurtis will always remain loved by women across the globe. With this Indian dress, you can flaunt it to any type of setting without feeling out of place.

Designers have really put their A-game on when it comes to making those trendy cotton kurtis perfect for both a casual and a professional look. By adding some embroidery, embellishments with a splash of beads, sequins and tassels you can still turn heads in special occasions such as weddings and still rock a formal look with a bit of edgy style in it.

The best part is that its value never degrades so you will still remain in the fashion game season in, season out.

Did I Mention How Comfortable it is?

cotton kurtis

You want something that spells out style and comfort all in one, right? Well, cotton fabrics are the most breathable clothing material there is. This makes cotton kurtis the go-to attire especially when the heat wave is at its peak. They are very soft as they do not give you any rashes or skin allergies unlike other fabrics, so you can add this outfit into your everyday wear.

Cotton kurtis are also very light. If you are a stay-at-home mum, then this is just the piece for you. You do not only carry out your duties with ease but also look stylish while doing it. It’s time that you stopped wearing a cover-up every time you step outside to run some errands. This Indo-western mash up attire is also perfect for pregnant women. They stretch with ease and they are breathable, not forgetting how much of a fashionista they will look like.

Body size and shape is one thing that most women are very cautious about and I know you are too. When it comes to cotton kurtis, throw those insecurities down the drain. You can wear a stylish straight kurti regardless of your body type and still look perfect in it. No more being scared of looking too thin or exposing your tummy. As much as they have the ability to stretch and fit in any body size, they come in all sizes from small to plus size kurtis. The best part is that no matter the type of kurti it is, they are all loose fitting which gives you ample space for your body to breathe.

It’s Super Affordable

cotton kurtis

The number benefit of cotton kurtis is that it is an everyday outfit. For that reason, the fabric sells out very quickly so manufacturers have made it’s prices at little bit lower than the other fabrics. which has made stores sell them at cheap prices. So, why go for a silk or chiffon kurti that is expensive and wear it once in a while when you can grab a cotton kurti that is affordable and have a fine look anywhere?

You Will no Trouble Maintaining It

Cotton fabric is durable compared to other clothing material. Since cotton kurtis are must-have piece for your everyday style it means you have to wash frequently. Well, you do not have to worry about it wearing and tearing within a short period of time. There are no special instructions on how to wash it, hand wash or laundry it’s your choice. Unlike silk where you have to iron it with minimal heat, cotton is vise versa. But it doesn’t mean you go ahead and set your iron to maximum heat!

You Can Get it in Any Shade of Color You Want  

indian style fashion

To be utterly honest, other fabrics such as silk are very difficult to dye into other shades of color. If you have a keen eye on color, then cotton is the material to make a run for. Thanks to the ever expanding technology in the fashion industry, you can now get kurtis of different shades of your favorite color and it’s 100% pure cotton. So, you do not have to worry about getting counterfeit outfits.

They are Available in Any Style You Want

Gone are the days when cotton kurtis. Were limited to simple designs. They now come in a wide range of designs for you choose from. Tail cut kurtis, anarkalis, high- lows, shirt kurtis, you name them. You now have the freedom to pick which type of kurti best brings out your personality. The cherry on the cake? They are all available in cotton fabric. Therefore, you can have you peculiar sense of style and still feel comfy while flossing around with it.

You Can Pair It However You Want

indian style fashion

Cotton kurtis are very easy to pair. With the different bottom wears out in the market, you will never go wrong with this outfit. The way you do it depends on what occasion or type of setting you are dressing up for, like a pair of classy of cigarette pants is perfect for a formal setting.

Another amazing thing is that it can be worn bottomless. Other fabrics like silk are famous for being a see-through material and it’s tendency of coming into contact with the body which makes it uncomfortable. But not cotton. You can wear your kurti bottomless without insecurities of being indecent.

You probably might be thinking that cotton kurtis are only suitable during summer. Well, that’s not it. They can be worn during any season because it’s features will make you feel comfortable regardless. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab a kurti or two and add a touch of Indian culture in your closet while experiencing the magic that comes with cotton fabric.

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