7 Pen Storage Gifting Options You’ll Love

Some of the best gifts are the ones you can use every day or at least once a week. You might not want to give up your favorite pen, but what about having a few more around for quick access?

Here are seven things that can be great for pen storage and gifting this holiday season.

pen storage

 A Hard Case With Removable Trays

It is the storage option that many people use for everyday carry. It’s sturdy, looks great, has removable trays, and works very simply. As you can see above, the case with two trays holds up to 10-11 fountain pens, with enough room left over for a few thin notebooks or several pencils and a couple of other pens.

 A Fabric Pouch With Drawstrings and Leather Ties

This pen storage has a super smooth fabric exterior, which feels great against the skin with leather ties to keep the contents secure and two drawstrings to keep everything in place. The best part? This pouch can easily hold about 15-20 pens!

You can also choose a pouch with a flap that holds about eight pens and is long enough for a couple of other items. The flap is held shut by a snap. For example, you can use it to store an extra pencil or something else that fits inside.

 Wooden Pen Case

The size of this case is large enough to store ten pens, along with some other items such as pencils or erasers. The inside consists of two deep compartments and three shallower ones (which may be more suitable for longer pens). There’s also an extra pocket on the front that can hold anything from a notebook to a sketchbook.

 Lined Wooden Box With Brass Corner Braces

This wide box can fit about twenty pens, along with at least one notebook. The top opens up to reveal two layers of ten pen slots each, separated by a small gap for easy access. It can also have 2-3 small shelves inside the lid, perfect for holding some pencils or markers.

 Vintage-Style Molded Cases

This case style is unique and comes in several different wonderful shades. The opening mechanism consists of two magnetic flaps that keep the contents secure and make it easy to open again.

Even a small metal piece at the top serves as extra security to ensure everything remains inside. This vintage-style mold can hold anywhere between five and ten pens, depending on the size of the pens.

 Adhesive-Backed Pen Rolls

This adhesive pen roll can be cut to any length for a custom fit, perfect for holding one or two fountain pens. The adhesive is powerful, so there are no worries about it coming undone during use. The fabric feels soft on the skin and isn’t soft enough to crumble into an unusable mess.

 Leather Pen Pouches With Zippers

There are several different leather pen pouches with various zipper styles. These leather pouches hold up to ten pens each (or more depending on the size), so they could be used as a stocking stuffer or paired with other items to make a complete gift set. They come in three, five, and six pocket sizes, so there’s something for everyone.

These seven pen storage options should inspire great gifts during the upcoming holiday season or for any other special occasion. Just remember what you liked or didn’t like about each so you can better choose which one is the best fit for the person who will receive it.

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