7 Most Form-Fitting and Flattering Plus-Size Bras

New Zealand is a place where people greatly enjoy being outdoors. The sovereign island country’s rapid urbanisation has led to the rich and diverse culture of its locals. Among the tell-tale signs of New Zealand’s fast-paced development is the gradual inclination of its people towards artistry and fashion.

Speaking of fashion, choosing a bra that’s appropriate for one’s cup size is very important for the ladies. The right bra size, shape, and type provides 100% comfort and prevents health risks related to a woman’s bust area. It also helps prevent nip slips and all other instances of a wardrobe malfunction.

For plus-size women, finding a bra that fits them correctly can be especially tricky due to the limited options available. Fortunately, plus size bras in NZ set the bar high when it comes to providing excellent intimate wear selections for plus-size women.

Form Fitting and Flattering Plus Size Bras

What Makes for an Outstanding Bra for Curvier and Full-figured Women?

Generally speaking, the best types of bras fall under the more expensive price range, making it more challenging for women to find the perfect cover-up for their breasts. But, full-figured women in New Zealand need not worry about draining their wallets to purchase the ideal undergarment. All they have to do is use the following guide to discover the best types of bras that will help them achieve comfort and style without the need to splurge.

Form Fitting and Flattering Plus Size Bras

Listed below are the seven examples of the most suitable bra types for curvy gals:

1. Full-Coverage Butterfly Bra

A full-coverage butterfly bra provides all-around support and maximum protection for big breasts. Other bras provide limited coverage while some have very brittle straps that break easily. Whereas, a butterfly bra is said to be very comfortable to wear. It also offers sufficient front and back support, making it ideal to wear for everyday activities.

2. Underwire Bra with Side Support

An underwire bra for curvy women enables twice the amount of support that a non-underwire bra provides. With an additional layer of support along the sides of the bust, women will feel more relaxed and at ease. Underwire bras with side support are best paired with blouses and most types of tops.

Form Fitting and Flattering Plus Size Bras

3. Minimiser Bra

As its name suggests, a minimiser bra effectively diminishes the cup size of busty women. It is designed with additional panels on the sides and customised cups to fit bigger breast sizes. A minimiser bra is best worn under button-up shirts and jackets. It helps eliminate instances of buttons popping up or shirts bearing awkward and unwanted spaces in between the chest area.

4. Convertible Strapless Bra

A strapless and convertible bra is a very flexible type of bra. Convertible designs have been an ongoing trend in plus size bras in NZ. It has detachable straps that can be worn in several different ways. As such, it can be worn with strapless tops, with off-shoulder blouses, or even with a halter-top dress.

5. Non-Padded Bra with Full Coverage

At times, a padded bra will only add more volume to a curvy woman’s breast area. When this happens, it will be harder to secure the bra around the bust or wear clothes that fit perfectly over it. A non-padded bra that provides full coverage diminishes the strain on a busty lady’s shoulders, all while ensuring that her boobs are secured and safe from nip-slips.


6. T-shirt Bra

Presently, there are bras designed to suit t-shirts. T-shirt bras do not show any lumps or bumps through the shirt. The best part about a t-shirt bra is it remains entirely concealed even under the most figure-hugging shirt. Plus-size women will benefit from t-shirt bras because it lessens wardrobe malfunction on their end and it also helps make their everyday looks appear more polished.


7. Lightweight, Breathable Underwire Sports Bra

Exercising and staying fit is also a pressing concern for full-figured women—and this is because regular bras are not secure enough to keep large breasts in place, especially during strenuous workouts. Breathable plus size bras enable the skin on the chest area to breathe, even as the wearer begins to sweat. At the same time, when it is made with lightweight material and aided with a secure underwire, ladies will be able to enjoy embarking on outdoor activities and sports all the more.

Finding the right bra type for bustier women should no longer be a hassle. At the same time, comfort, practicality, and convenience are the top three factors that must be considered when choosing the best bra for full-figured women.

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