6 Things to Buy Before Going Swimming

Summer is here and all we can think about are the days that we will spend by the pool or at the beach. With the heat setting in and vacations and trips fast approaching, now is the time for some summer shopping. If you are not from somewhere where you can swim year-round then you probably need a refresher on everything that you will need before taking a trip to a tropical location. So here are some things that you are going to need to have on hand before you start swimming this summer.

1 Bathing Suits

before going swimming

How often do you shop for a new bathing suit? Most of us like to refresh our collections ahead of the summer months. However, do you know how to identify when your bikinis need to be replaced? If you have a bathing suit that is showing signs of stretching, sagging or pilling then you are probably in need of some new swimwear. You can extend the life of your new swimwear by first ensuring that you are buying high-quality pieces. A high-quality bikini will feel thick and soft to the touch and will not have too much give in the straps. Additionally, a bikini that is fully lined will be better quality. Some lower quality pieces of swimwear are only partially lined or are not lined at all. Make sure your bikini bottom options have full lining installed in the fabric. When you are finished swimming for the day make sure to rinse out your swimwear to avoid any chlorine or saltwater sitting on the fabric.

2 Towels

Depending on your situation, you may or may not need to make some beach towel purchases. If you are staying at a hotel, then you will likely have towels that you can take to the pool provided for you. However, if you plan to take towels off the property or to the beach you will want to purchase one of your own. We recommend having one towel to lay out on and a separate one to dry off with. We love the large circular towels for laying out. They are much better sized for a single person to lay out on so they have some extra room. If you have a group, you can also find larger sizes that your whole group can use like a picnic blanket. Then keep your other towel on reserve so you can towel off without getting covered in sand or losing your lounging space.

3 Sunscreen

We cannot stress this one enough. Sunscreen is so important for a day out in the water. Especially if you are on a multiple day trip. The worst thing you can do is burn on day one. Then you will be forced to spend the rest of your trip uncomfortable and out of the sun. Purchase a waterproof sunscreen ahead of time and reapply each time you dry off. This will help ensure that you are protected from the sun’s harmful rays and that you can enjoy your trip in comfort.

4 Sunglasses/Hats

This ties in with sunscreen. Protecting your face and eyes from the sun is something that you will want to be mindful of. Sun exposure on your face can increase the likelihood of developing wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots as you age. To avoid this double up with a facial sunscreen and a wide brim sun hat. This way your face will have as little sun exposure as possible.

5 Umbrellas

before going swimming

This one is more for the beach goers. If you plan to be out at the beach all day, make sure you have a place that you can relax out of the sun. After a few hours of swimming, sunscreen can only do so much. If you are starting to feel like you are getting overexposed, take some time to relax under an umbrella or sunshade. If you are at a hotel, you can often purchase a spot on the beach that has a lounge chair and umbrella set up, so definitely look into that before your trip.

6 Cooler

Again, this one will depend on the amenities offered where you are. If you are not swimming at a resort, then a cooler is a must. You can find disposable Styrofoam coolers at any destination if you are not able to pack one. Fill it with ice from your hotel and then pack whatever snacks, drinks or adult beverages you may want for your day on the water. If you can get to a grocery store, this is a great way to save money on snacks while traveling.

Jump Into Summer

Now that you have a list of the essentials you are ready to dive into the refreshing pool or ocean water! Make the most of your summer by preparing ahead of time for all of your favorite activities!

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