5 Tips for Buying Your First Designer Bag

Having a bag by your side that makes you look and feel great can make a big difference, helping to boost your self-esteem and leave you feeling confident and stylish. If you’re about to make your first designer bag purchase, there are lots of tips and tricks that you need to know about, helping you to find a bag that’s classy, durable, and long-lasting. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are five top tips on how to buy your first designer bag.

your first designer bag

Research Brands

With so many designer houses on the market to pick from, you will be forgiven if you aren’t too sure where to start! To help make things easier, you should have a think about what type of style you’re into. SSENSE sell a range of designer items such as Saint Laurent bags which you could look at. They feature some of the best designer bags in the world, helping you to find one that matches you and your personality.

Consider Versatility

Whether you’re off out with the girls, going for a fancy meal with your partner, or simply running daily errands, finding a bag that is versatile is important. It’s only natural that once you’ve purchased your designer bag, you will want to show it off to the world, so picking a bag that can be worn in numerous ways and with all sorts of outfits will mean you’ve made a great investment.

your deisgner bag louis viutton 2019 spring

Consider the Size

If you’re the type of woman that likes to carry everything but the kitchen sink in your bag, it’s best to pick a bag that can cram in all your essentials. The last thing you want to do is shell out a ton of money on a bag that can’t fit in your must-haves, so whilst a bigger bag will naturally be pricier, it will be worth it in the long run, meaning you can carry your essentials with you at all times without having to sacrifice anything!

Pick the Right Material

When purchasing a designer bag, you need to understand that different materials will have more of a risk of scratching over time. For instance, there are some types of leather such as lambskin which is more prone to scratching. Whilst the worn-in look can still look trendy and cool, if you’re the type of woman who wants her bag to retain its original look for as long as possible, you’re better off picking a more robust type of leather such as grained calfskin.

your first designer bag

Choose the Colour Carefully

Whilst you may want to purchase a bag that’s vibrant and colourful, when it comes to matching it with an outfit, you may have some trouble! To get long-term wear out of your bag, it’s advisable to stick with neutral tones such as beige or black, meaning you can team your bag with any outfit of your choice (without sticking out like a sore thumb!).

Whilst buying your first designer bag can be initially intimidating, the more research you do into brands, fabrics, colours, and sizes, the more confident you will feel. Whether you’ve saved up to purchase your dream bag or you have the cash to splash, we all want a bag that’s durable and long-lasting, so make sure to do as much research as you can before making your purchase.

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