5 Questions To Ask Before Looking For Sustainable Denim

Buying a new pair of jeans can be exciting and there are some things you should consider before investing if you want them to be sustainable. Now fast fashion is becoming worse than ever, it’s important to figure out where your jeans have come from to decide if you want to buy them. Here are the best 5 questions to ask before looking for sustainable denim…

sustainable denim

1 Is the brand known for being sustainable?

Recently, many brands have been called out for not being sustainable and partaking in fast fashion to maximise profits. It’s worth doing your research before ordering online or heading to the high street shops, just so you know where to avoid. Some brands are doing particularly well with sustainability and making a conscious effort to improve how durable and long-lasting they are. Go for a pair of denim jeans from a brand you know are taking responsibility for their sustainability.

2 Does the brand have the style of jeans you’re looking for?

Shopping will be faster if you know the style of jeans you want to go for, you can consider new styles like skinny jeans or flares or go with a style you usually wear. Most brands have a range of different denim jean fits and Bootcut Jeans for Women suit most women all year round, they can be paired with leather boots or trainers.

3 What material are my jeans made from?

Denim jeans should be strong if you want them to last for a long time, this is why it’s crucial to check exactly what material they are made from. When making sustainable choices about your denim jeans, you should look out for organic cotton, natural dyes, rivets and buttons made from recycled material or natural materials. If you can find jeans that are 100% organic cotton you are winning when it comes to sustainability! Also, keep an eye out for bamboo buttons.

4 How durable are the jeans?

When it comes to buying a good pair of jeans you should consider how durable they are as this will indicate how long they will last you. If you’re buying something cheap you can probably tell by the seams that they won’t last. It’s much more sustainable to spend more and keep the jeans for a few jeans, of course this relies on you being the same

5 Are they a long-term purchase?

You will need to make sure you like the style and fit of the jeans if you want them to last for a long time. It will be a more sustainable choice if you imagine wearing the jeans for years. Think about the colours in your wardrobe and the colours that suit you most, you can then select denim in black, white, blue or something brighter. It is usually best to go for more plain colours when it comes to jeans so you can

Now you have no excuses for dodging sustainability and investing in a long-lasting pair of jeans isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Take into consideration our tips when you’re shopping at high street brands or online. The more sustainable you are, the better and it will feel rewarding when you don’t waste money on fast fashion too.

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