5 Fashion Statements To Avoid In Court

There are plenty of reasons you might go to court. Perhaps you’ve been in an accident that wasn’t your fault and you want compensation. First things first, you’ll need to find a lawyer. Check out hmglawfirm.com for more information.

Once you have a date set and a lawyer by your side, you might be worried about the protocols of being in court. While what to wear might not be your biggest concern, you’ll need to make a good impression. That means looking smart, presentable and showing you’ve made an effort. Here are some of the big fashion statements to avoid in court.

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 Spaghetti Straps

Spaghetti straps are great on a hot summer day when you want to relax. But they aren’t great for court. Think about going to court like you would the office or a religious building. Sure, you might not be told off for wearing a strappy top, but it will shape the way you’re perceived. You want people to see how much you care about this case, so stick to full length or t-shirt sleeves. A blazer always works well to smarten an outfit, too.

 Sandals And Flip Flops

We all love a good pair of sandals in the warmer months. They go perfectly with a summer dress or even a pair of jeans. Unfortunately, sandals aren’t appropriate for court. While people probably won’t be staring at your feet, they will notice if you’re wearing casual footwear. Flip flops are equally inappropriate. The sound of them will draw attention to your feet when you enter the room and people will think you’re off to the beach.

Fashion Statements To Avoid In Court


While denim can look smart these days, it’s still viewed as casual wear. You want people in the court to see that you’ve made an effort to look smart, so avoid denim jeans and shirts.


Avoid wearing anything with slogans on in court. While you might not think much about the slogan when you buy the t-shirt, as soon as you wear something, you become representative of that message. Whether it’s a brand, saying or statement, other members of the court will read it and wonder why you’ve picked that slogan for your case. So, stick to plain colors and patterns.

 Excessive Jewelry

When it’s worn tastefully, jewelry can look great and be completely acceptable in a courtroom. However, too much jewelry doesn’t send a good message. If you’re covered in necklaces, bracelets and rings people might perceive you in a certain way, and they could be distracted if there’s lots of jangling noises. It’s also wise to remove any significant piercings before you enter a courtroom. The world is becoming more accepting of tattoos and piercings, but courtrooms are traditional places.

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