4 Ways to Sexy Up Your Look on a Budget

Are you coveting the latest runway styles but feeling like they are just out of reach? Then you might not be looking in the right place. We’ve got the low-down on several must-have items to help you reach your full fashion potential.

Best of all, you can find these pieces at reasonable prices. Take a look at our top picks for sexy styles you can afford.

sexy up your look

1 Satiny and Sleek Chemise

We spend a lot of time focusing on our outward appearance. From shoes to accessories to the dress we throw on before heading out the door, plenty of thought goes into putting ourselves together. But there’s an easy way to feel sexier from head to toe.

Before slipping on that dress, throw on something a little sexier. A chemise is a super-hot way to feel great and look good. Moreover, a slip chemise can include built-in padding and even offer a little body contouring. The benefits don’t end there. A satiny and sleek chemise makes a great nightgown that’s a massive step above typical ho-hum pajamas. Indeed, finding something cute, comfortable, and inexpensive in one garment is a definite win.

2 Pasties for Backless Clothing

You don’t have to wrestle with a multitude of bras to find a no-show style that fits each and every one of your backless tops and dresses. No one has time (or the storage space) for that. There’s a different, sexier option you may not have thought about: pasties.

Bump up your sexy factor with pasties. Get the nipple coverage you want during the day, then bare all (or not) in the evening. It’s a surprise your partner isn’t expecting. Pasties are one style that’s easy to take from the workday to the evening, especially when combined with a sheer top.

3 Thigh-High Stockings

Think beyond basic nude nylons if your workday attire is less than thrilling. You can do so by adding a little fun to your day — and your legs — with stockings. Thigh-high stockings not only look fire but also help keep you cooler if you’re stuck in a too-warm office building.

Buy stockings with a banded top that stay-put all day, or pair loose-fit stockings with a sexy garter. You’ll need to opt for a fuller skirt or one with more structure to camouflage your sexy secret better. From simple black to a vast array of patterns and embellishments, updating your look is easy (and cheap).

4 Perfect Panties

It’s true that, for many women, thongs, and G-strings make an infrequent appearance in the bedroom and don’t venture out much beyond there. Sexy up your look on a dime. If you haven’t shopped for new thongs or G-strings, try again. Lingerie is a $50 billion market, according to Statista. With so many styles and fits, it’s a cinch to find a new panty that won’t leave a line.

Funny enough, the term “thong” derives from “restraint.” But if that’s not your panty preference, no problem — ditch the granny panties for a sheer style. After all, sheer is totally in right now. Whether you choose an all-over lace style or a see-through fabric, there’s no easier way to feel sensual without spending a fortune.

Sexy Styles Don’t Have to Come at a Premium

When looking to up your sexy factor, it’s important to be anything but basic. Upgrade your look with a chemise, thigh-high stockings, pasties, and new panties to feel your most sensual self, all while living your best life on a shoestring budget. Who knew it could be this easy to look good?

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