4 Essential 2022 Summer Wardrobe Staples for Men

Calling all men, now is the time to update your summer wardrobe and pick up all the essential pieces. Your wardrobe should be a blend of function and fashion so that you make a statement each time you leave the house. Whether you are building a wardrobe from scratch or you just want to update your existing options, here are the summer essentials you need.

wardrobe summer essentials for man

Fashion Forward Flared Trousers are a Must

Because not every day is warm and sunny in summer, trousers are still very much an essential wardrobe piece. A great way to update your look is to grab one of the hottest fashion-forward pieces this season, which is flared trousers. It seems as though 1970s styles are making a comeback in a big way, even in terms of colours and prints for flared trousers. What makes this style a bit more universal is that you can choose how big the flare is. The smaller the flair, the less of an impact you’ll make – which may be what you prefer.

Stylish Swim Shorts Will Make a Statement

If you plan on spending any time at the beach or pool this summer you’re going to need swim shorts. But rather than grab those old trunks you have stored in your wardrobe, why not purchase a pair that is trendy and elevates your summer look? Orlebar Brown has many designer men’s swim shorts that tick off all the boxes from a fashion point of view. It doesn’t matter what length you feel comfortable in, as there are many styles to choose from. If you’re feeling bold, go for an eye-catching print, and if you’re more into the traditional look, there are plenty of solid colours to choose from.

The Summer Blazer is a Must in Any Man’s Wardrobe

Even if you don’t work in an office setting where blazers are a part of daily life, having at least one in your wardrobe is essential. For summer, look for a lightweight material that will work better in the heat and be a nod to the current trends. Also trending for summer are neutral shades such as tan, beige and white – which look lighter and brighter for the season.

Blazers can be paired with more casual pieces such as denim, Bermuda shorts or casual trousers to give you a more polished look. This can be perfect for going out in the evenings or on weekends.

A Strong Collar is Extremely Trendy

Finally, when shopping for shirts this summer, collars are all the rage – and not just any collar, but a strong, bold collar. The collar needs to be the focal point of the shirt, which means it should be large and hold its shape. Even when looking for more formal dress shirts, you’ll want to pay attention to the collar. Short and long-sleeved collared shirts are trendy, which gives you options for all weather conditions this summer.

If you’re ready to infuse some style and fashion into your wardrobe this summer, these tips are the ones worth embracing.

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