3 Rules to Wear Men’s Fashion Rings

Wearing men’s fashion rings is not a simple thing as it appears. There is little information related to ring etiquettes. Therefore, men looking for wedding rings or style rings are in a dilemma of what to pick, how to wear to look their best and flaunt the piece of jewelry. You will find some basic rules for wearing rings but these are not ones set in stone. After all, wearing finger rings is a personal choice and depends on individual taste.

3 Rules to Wear Men’s Fashion Rings

According to an article published on https://www.huffpost.com, when shopping for rings for your engagement, talk to your male friends who are married and know about wedding or engagement rings that also exude a style statement. Here are the three rules to wear men’s fashion rings:

1.  Which Finger to Wear What Rings?

Wear a ring on your pinky finger if you are fashion conscious because many men do so if they are passionate about style and fashion. Again, if you are planning to get married soon, you wear a metal ring on the fourth or ring finger. The middle finger is longest and usually, men do not wear it on it. Only if you want to make some bold statement, you can wear a ring on this finger. The index finger is for rings worn by bachelors who want to look trendy and cool. Again, big and flamboyant rings are meant for the thumb signifying affluence or wealth. For example, you can flaunt one of those bulky and grandiose Tungsten rings studded with ruby on your thumb.

2.  Wear it on the Right Hand or Left-Hand Finger

Universally, men like to wear an engagement or wedding band on their left-hand fingers. The left-hand symbolizes intrinsic thinking and persona, while the right-hand means activity. Then, it also varies according to different cultures. For example, you can flaunt a solid, smooth, and stylish ring to match your finger and hand size. Wear these rings with trousers and ties, tuxedos, sherwanis, and kurtas, depending on your culture. For a deeper knowledge, you may want to know how to use a spinner ring and make your fashion accessory work for your health benefits.

You can also wear a Tungsten ring on your left-hand finger when walking bare-chested on a sandy beach with your girlfriend, wearing casual shorts.

3.  Number of Rings to Wear

You should wear fashion rings to look cool. Too many rings on both the hands create a cluttered look and feel. Stylish, well-groomed men prefer wearing one or at the most two fashion rings made of Tungsten or any other metal. It looks neat and decent. Then, if you are at an eccentric party with your crazy friends with loud music, wear rings on all your 10 fingers. Therefore, all depends on personal choice and situation. Usually, when you are at work or dating your inamorata, wear one or two rings, not more.

If you are a fashion enthusiast, you can flaunt one zodiac ring on the right-hand and two on the left-hand fingers. It is a fad nowadays to wear these items. Choose a sturdy design with some stone embellishments if you like zodiac rings.


There are no hard and fast rules for wearing men’s rings. However, follow these basic rules to look fashionable and stylish.

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