3 Least Known Ways of Identifying 24k Gold Dipped Roses

Gold trimmed roses refer to roses that have first been preserved and then plated with 24karat gold. The method involves a live rose encased in a durable lacquer, then it is electroformed and finally plated in real gold. From petal to the stem of the rose, it is dipped in 24karat liquid gold, giving it a glamorous appearance to impress the receiver. The roses are 100% pure gold. The process might take an approximate period of up to three months to complete a single rose.

Least Known Ways of Identifying 24k Gold Dipped Roses
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The 24k gold dipped roses are long-lasting and durable. Therefore giving one to your loved ones signifies a lasting love. The rose itself is like jewelry; unlike other bare roses, it never dies and will always remain to remind them of the special moments you shared. Below are the types of gold dipped roses in the market today, coming in hand with the least known ways to identify real from fake ones;

1. Budding Gold-Dipped Roses

Refers to roses that are beginning to bloom or have not bloomed yet. This particular type of roses involves preserving the entire head of a budding rose. You can tell the real gold-dipped budding roses by their appearance. Every single rose of the real one looks different from the other, while the fake roses all look almost the same, mostly if the same seller sells it and most of the time they have plastic inside. Real budding gold dipped roses are usually very expensive.

Least Known Ways of Identifying 24k Gold Dipped Roses
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2. Open Bloomed Gold-Dipped Roses

They look like roses in bloom. Finding a real open bloom gold dipped roses is impossible. They do not exist simply because it’s tough for companies to prepare them since the petals are very delicate and lack support when a rose is blooming. Therefore, the kind of roses in question are only found in their natural form. You should know that finding an open bloom gold-dipped roses are either fake or imitation blooming roses. Most of the time, fake ones have only 3 to 4 petals per layer in each rose, neat rose head and petals that are symmetrical and of the same size and shape, and when one looks close enough at the petals, the veins on the petals are usually painted or printed on.

The imitation blooming roses are created by taking individual rose petals from numerous roses and assembling them into a rose-shape. So, what you will be getting is preserved rose petals rather than a single preserved rose.

Least Known Ways of Identifying 24k Gold Dipped Roses
Source: Pinterest

3. Gold-Foil Roses

It is an entirely human-made and artificial rose. The petals and leaves are made from gold foil or gold-colored tin. Most of the time, the rose itself looks delicate and doesn’t look like a real rose. Thus tend to be cheap. Gold-foil roses aren’t real gold-dipped roses, though they are the option if you want something affordable and straightforward.

Preserving a single rose and then turns it into a 24k gold-dipped rose takes considerable effort and time. Therefore, buying one is usually very expensive. The gold-dipped roses’ price can tell if it’s real since fake ones are too cheap to be authentic. However, there are many unscrupulous sellers today who might sell poor quality ones at a high price.

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