Fashion Show DIY: How To Make it Memorable

The fashion industry is an extremely competitive market, which can make it quite difficult for small designers who still haven’t managed to become seen or worn by many people. However, you don’t have to be desperate because we’re here to help you out and motivate you to hold your own DIY fashion show. Yes, you heard us right – here are six useful tips on how to organize a fabulous fashion show to the tiniest detail, so keep on reading, check them out, and get down to business right away!

Fashion Show DIY How To Make it Memorable

First of All, Choose a Theme and Establish a Budget

If you plan to hold a fashion show in the near future, the first and one of the most crucial steps is choosing a theme of the show. There are many available options; however, your final choice should depend on the style of creations you’re about to showcase for the first time. The general theme can be anything from velvet, denim, and gothic to feminine, children’s fashion, and even animals. Once you figure this out, you should also establish a budget for your fashion show and stick to it no matter what. If you have a limited budget, you can always plan fundraisers or ask large businesses for donations. This is a great way to raise money for your event.

Ensure that All Your Creations are Ready and Wearable

Needless to say, your fashion show can’t possibly be held if your creations aren’t ready and wearable, so bear that in mind and sort everything out when it comes to your collection. In fact, the clothes should be the central part of your fashion show, so make sure that everything is properly organized and well-executed. This is essential simply because nothing will help if the clothes you created aren’t good enough – not even the most stunning venue and fabulous decorations. So, before you start organizing everything from scratch, be sure to perfect your designs and come up with top-quality garments that’ll inevitably steal the show.

Decide Who Will model Your Clothes

Once your collection is ready, you should recruit the right people to model your clothes. There are several ways to make this happen, and the first one is to get the entire community involved by asking for volunteers. You should advertise your event on social media and look for people who are interested to volunteer at your event. This step is usually very easy, and it’s highly likely that a large group of volunteers will increase ticket sales at the same time. Besides the volunteers from your community, you can also ask your close friends, relatives, co-workers, and other people who may be interested in modeling your clothes. On the other hand, if you plan to hold a kids’ fashion show, you should visit local schools and ask parents to let their children participate in it.

Build the Runway and the Backstage Area

Building the runway and the backstage area is the next big step, as this is exactly where the major part of your fashion show will take place. This step gets even more important if you decide to hold your fashion show outdoors, as most indoor venues have a specifically designed place where your models can walk and change their outfits a couple of times. As this isn’t the case with outdoor venues, you’ll have the freedom to design a unique runway according to your wishes and preferences, which is an advantage you mustn’t overlook. The same goes for the backstage area where your models will change outfits during the show. In order to make it as quick and comfortable as possible, just get a portable changing room and you’ll nail this task like a true pro.

Find People to Take Care of the Graphic Design and Advertising

Advertising your event is another task you need to complete if you want to have a successful show, so don’t skip it and you’ll see what we were talking about. First of all, you’ll have to find one person (or a smaller group of people) who will be in charge of tackling graphic design and creating posters, fliers, and other similar stuff for the event. They should also promote your fashion show on social media and platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn, to ensure that a large number of people will get informed about your fashion show. Visiting local businesses and hanging posters for the event should be their job, too. All of these tasks are crucial for boosting ticket sales.

Figure Out Who Will do Hair and Makeup for the Event

Apart from the clothes, which obviously are the most important part of your fashion show, you should pay extra attention to your models’ hair and makeup, too. These are vital as they will complement the outfits and help them stand out even more, which is exactly why you should hire a team of hair and makeup specialists who can make that happen. If you’re on a budget, you can visit a local beauty school and ask them to volunteer at your event in exchange for promotion or photos for their portfolios. Also, you should be sure that there are enough people on the team so that your fashion show can run as smoothly as possible. For example, if you have 20 different models, you should have at least 10 hair and makeup artists who will get to do their job right, without having to rush from one model to another. On the other hand, if you’ll be working with kids, ask their parents to help you out and make sure that their little ones are comfortable enough. That’s the best way to go.

As you can tell, there really are so many things you should know about holding a DIY fashion show, but these six are undoubtedly the ones you must stick to if you want to succeed. Just follow our guidelines and you’ll see that it won’t be as difficult as you probably thought at the beginning. That’s a promise!

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