Famous Icons & Their Signature Sunnies

Style is an expressway to stardom. Most classic Hollywood celebrities might no longer be here, but their fashion lives on. You can search for any famous icon and no doubt, you’ll find their signature sunglasses online. Sunglasses are a great way to achieve a look that’s chic and classic. They give that extra glamour to any ordinary outfit. Keep reading for a list of our top icons and their signature sunnies!

sheeba magazine Famous Icons & Their Signature Sunnies

 Audrey Hepburn

Oversized bumblebee sunglasses are a classic that will now forever be associated with Audrey Hepburn. She first wore them on the silver screen when she played Holly Golightly in Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Before Audrey Hepburn, shades were thought of as casual wear. But after the film came out, the now-classic silhouette is became associated with glamour, beauty, and high-class living. Later on, remakes of Audrey’s films would use these sunglasses as a tribute to her. For example, the 1995 remake of Sabrina, where Julia Ormond wears almost the exact same pair when she comes back from Paris.

 Tom Cruise

Before there was Iron Man, there was Top Gun. Tom Cruise gave aviator shades, once only a Military accessory, their stylish reputation. Tom Cruise made these shades a classic and they’ve gone on to be worn by numerous celebrities over the years.

Thanks to Tom Cruise’s reputation as an action star in movies like Mission Impossible and The Day After Tomorrow, aviator shades are now the modern man’s best friend. Wearing a pair of aviators will make any man seem dashing and debonair.

 John Lennon

Arguably the most famous man on this list, most of John Lennon’s portraits don’t need more than shaggy hair and round frames. The most controversial Beatle, John Lennon transitioned from rockstar to peaceful guru by putting on a pair of purple round-framed sunglasses. Because he was an activist during the tumultuous 70s, these shades have become an icon of the anti-war revolution.

Nowadays, these round frames are still used at peace protests and rock and roll festivals around the world. These shades were also worn by a number of famous rock stars such as Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, lending to their fame.

 Marilyn Monroe

Nothing says sex appeal and glamour like Marilyn Monroe. Although she is best known for her backless white dress, she was also the one who popularized wayfarer shades for women. She would wear them in numerous places, including the beach, the airport, and on the way to press conferences.

She also wore these shades across a number of different occasions: whether it was on vacation or avoiding the paparazzi who were flocking around her after her controversy with John F. Kennedy. Marilyn Monroe took wayfarer shades from being a boyish choice to being the pinnacle of womanly charm.

 James Dean

Tortoiseshell shades are still one of the most popular sunglasses on the market. They’re classic and go with everything–whether it’s a glamorous green dress ala Jackie O, or a white shirt tucked into blue jeans like James Dean. The bad boy of cinema popularized these in the 50s, the reflective lenses lending to the air of mystery that he portrayed on screen.

James Dean is living proof that shades can take any plain outfit–even if it’s just cut-offs and a plain white shirt–and transform it into something iconic. These frames have been adapted in a number of ways: from elegant to rugged and sporty.

 Grace Kelly

The princess of the silver screen who eventually became the princess of Monaco is responsible for making cat-eye sunglasses so famous. She would wear them everywhere: on vacation, during press conferences, while walking down the runway on the Prince of Monaco’s arm. Grace Kelly was the epitome of Hollywood glamour and grace, two things that are now called to mind when we see these shades.

These shades are one of the most popular styles for their flattering silhouette and stylish shape. Grace Kelly was also known for being a graceful but independent woman. These are all traits that the shades have carried with them through time: if you’re looking for a pair that says career woman, then these are the shades for you.


Some people say “clothes don’t maketh the man (or woman)”– and we agree. Sunglasses, however, are a different story. Sunglasses are the perfect accessory that you can carry with you across all occasions, places, fashion choices, and even time: these icons will be forever remembered for their style and savvy.

Shades can make the difference between being forgotten and becoming an icon. You, too, can exude the glamour, beauty, and confidence of these timeless stars. When you’re searching official sunglasses online, don’t forget to look up these iconic styles. Slipping them on is sure to give you that skip in your step in no time.

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