Which Cot is Best: A Safety One

When your baby reaches a new milestone in his growing years, you need to purchase another big baby for a new comfortable sleeping surface and a conducive sleeping environment. Not just for a comfortable good night’s sleep, you will have to think about your baby’s safety. Most importantly will need to deem the bedroom space and, of course, expenses. Baby cots may be one big purchase you will have to ponder.

Which Cot is Best

Cots are made explicitly for infants in their developing years to keep them safe and secure. Safety should always be kept in mind when buying a cot bed, for your baby will have to crawl, roll and turn upside down using that cot until he grows out of it. To make sure, you will want to choose which is right and best. What’s the best one to choose? The best cot is a safe cot.

Of course, plenty of things will have to be considered to ensure that it is the right and the best since your baby will be left unattended there most of the time. Meeting up on the safety basics is a key place to start. Cots that fail to meet these basic standards have high risks of danger for your baby, especially regarding suffocation, strangulation and entrapment.

It’s good that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has established strict guidelines to ensure that the cots available today are sturdy, long-lasting, and secure for your child. This makes your buying experience far less stressful and easier.

What is a Safe Cot?

According to KidsHealth, it is safe to look for the following:

    • Cots with no side drop-side rail – rails of the cot should not be able to move as per CPSC banned the sail of drop-side rails from reducing risks for your child.
    • Slats Distance – safe slat distance prevents the infants from slipping out or their legs and head failing out from the slats. The distance must be at most 2-3 / 8 inches or 6 centimetres.
    • Mattress Fit Perfectly in the Sides of the Cot – Perfectly- sized mattress in cots makes it safe for the baby to not slide between the mattress and the edges of the crib. You also have to make sure to buy a mattress that fits snugly and remove all the plastic packing before using it.
    • Firm Mattress – this is one of the important things to consider as firm mattresses play a huge role in preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Ensure the mattress is soft enough for the baby and should spring back when lying down. Soft and plushy beds or even toys may cause suffocation when left unattended.

Which Cot is Best

What are other things to consider for a safety Cot?

    • Cots with non-toxic paint – avoid cots that are painted even with lead-free paints or with cracked paints to be sure that the baby cot is not contaminated with the chemicals of the paints. If you suspect that any of the paint on your baby’s furniture contains lead, have it stripped outside and start fresh with superior lead-free enamel that is safe for your child.
    • Positioners or Inclined Sleepers – the best sleeping surface for the baby is flat and firm. Avoid using wedges, infant sleep positioners, and other tools that lift a baby off the mattress or incline your child’s sleeping surface.
    • Crib Bumpers – bumpers might look harmless. The Safe Sleep Babies Act prohibits crib bumper or inclined sleepers for infants. Although there’s no evidence that this may cause injuries, your child may use the bumpers to climb out of the crib when they start to stand up and can pull herself up and stand-alone, which would increase the chance of danger of falling.
    • Portable Cots – these cots are designed to be used temporarily. Be careful in using this type of cot as it can be dangerous for your child if they climb out or get trapped. Always ensure that these portable or folding cots comply with the Safety Standards and strictly follow the directions when you consider using one. Make sure that it is functioning well so it will stay put.


Choosing the best baby cot for your infant can be overwhelming. However, you must make it a point to always look for the basic standards before purchasing a high-end baby cot. Not all expensive cots are safe, so you, parents, should always be careful and prioritize that it meets the basic standards for your child’s safety and well-being.

Aside from these things to consider and the standards to look for, always check your baby’s surroundings. Do not leave unnecessary things that may cause suffocation, such as necklaces and cords. Never leave dangerous toys and other things that can be easily reached. Always be cautious and conscious.

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