How to Plan a Socially Distant Birthday Party

You might be wondering how you can celebrate a birthday safely in the midst of COVID-19. While it’s easy to despair and think about all the things you won’t be able to do, there are still plenty of ways to make your day special, even in the middle of a pandemic. Parents and friends are finding new and creative ways to connect, and there’s no reason why you can’t find a way to have a “party” without risking your health. If you or a friend has a birthday coming up, you might need to get creative, so let’s go over four tips for having an awesome socially distant birthday.

1. Connect Digitally for Some Games or a Movie

Socially Distant Birthday Party
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If you’re not permitted to gather, or don’t feel safe doing so, you can find plenty of ways to get together with some friends virtually. There are apps for your web browser that make it so you and your friends can all watch the same movie on Netflix and chat at the same time. Other apps will let you play board and trivia games virtually, which can be super fun. Zoom has exploded in popularity because of its ability to keep you connected in a socially distant world. If you or your friends are high-risk, live somewhere with shelter-in-place restrictions, or just prefer to err on the side of caution, explore the digital world for socially distant birthday activities.

2. Decorate to Make the Environment Feel Festive

Socially Distant Birthday Party
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If you’re planning a party for yourself or someone whose home or apartment you have access to, decorate it! While it’s difficult to get into the celebratory mood right now, a change in scenery can make all the difference. Clowns4Kids, which provides party entertainment services and rentals in the New York City area has options like balloon decorations that can really liven up a space and make it feel like a party, at least for a few hours. Balloons, cake, and decorations can provide a sense of normality and familiarity and make it feel like a birthday again.

3. If you’re Seeing Anyone in Person, Mask up

Socially Distant Birthday Party
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There are a few activities that might be okay to attempt in-person, especially an outdoor activity that lets you keep distance (like a picnic). But don’t forget your mask! Not only are masks recommended by the CDC, but you can also find festive face coverings to give out to your friends as party favors. This also ensures that if anybody forgets their mask, you’ll be prepared to help them out. Even if you’re inside your own home, it’s important to keep six feet of distance between you and your guests and to ask that they all wear masks.

4. If you’re Not Staying Home, Think Outdoors

Party outdoors
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Depending on where you live, your options for activities outside your house might be limited. Many states still aren’t permitting dine-in at restaurants and many nonessential businesses are still closed. Sticking with outdoor activities is your best bet for both safety and logistical reasons, and they make it much simpler to socially distance. Going for a picnic or on a scenic walk at the park are just two simple ideas for those who want to try to get out of the house.

Birthday parties will have to be nontraditional for awhile in order to keep you and your friends safe, but that’s no reason to cancel the celebration entirely. If you’re creative and thoughtful, you can make the day special even if you can’t party the way you’re used to. Using outdoor spaces with masks and social distancing can work if you really want to see people in person, but if you don’t want to go that route, you’d be surprised by how many things you can do digitally. Whether it’s having a game night, sharing a movie or TV show, or just drinking together on Zoom with friends, there’s no reason for the virus to cancel your special day.

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