What Is Christian Counseling – How to Get Started?

Are you in the middle of troubling life events? Is the death of your pet or loved one keep you lonely? Have you lost your job or suffering from a failed relationship? Are you facing a financial or health problem? If you experienced any of these and feeling hopeless, then your life might be missing strong, resilient Christian faith.

Fortunately, Christian counseling can help a lot. In this post, you’ll have a deeper understanding of christian counseling and how it will change the different aspects of your life.

What Is Christian Counseling

What Christian Counseling Exactly Is

Faith-Based counseling refers to psychotherapy or counseling that involves religious and spiritual components. It is likely to be the interest of people who lean into their faith-based values in helping them to start creating meaning and purpose in their lives, set priorities, understand suffering, and make decisions.

This type of counseling combines faith with the principles of psychology to improve both relationships and mental health. It uses biblical teachings and scripture to help people deal with life’s challenges. The ultimate goal of this psychotherapy is to help you determine inconsistent behaviors with God’s teachings. That way, you will become more accepting of the will of God.

What Makes Faith-Based Counselling Unique

Christian counselors are known to operate on a premise from which people are made in God’s image. These counselors come with:

• Desire to relate to God and one another

• Ability to think morally and rationally

• Capacity to manage both their environment and themselves

The goal of every Christian therapist is usually centered around these beliefs. They hope to help their clients to discover and later on to correct their flaws in terms of thinking by gently sharing spiritual Truth.

How Does Christian Counselling Work?

The way the spiritual beliefs are incorporated into the counseling process functions varies from therapist to therapist and client to client. There are some instances that some clients want to know a bit more than what their therapist shares about the belief system. In contrast, others have particular spiritual issues associated with emotional symptoms to be discussed.

During the process of therapy, some clients wish to discuss a prayer or scripture. As a client, you are the best person to figure out how much as well as in what way you want the spiritual beliefs are incorporated into your therapy.

What Is Christian Counseling

What Are The Goals of Faith-Based Counselling?

Based on the clients in conjunction with the counselors or therapists, the goal of Christian counseling can be determined. These might include:

• Connect or reconnect with the religious community

• Learn how to forgive oneself and others

• Learn how to ask for forgiveness

• Determine spiritual or religious values to have a valuable guide when it comes to life choices and decisions

• Find meaning or purpose in life

• Learn how to utilize religious or spiritual interventions to deepen the faith as well as increase the coping skills

• Make sense of challenges and sufferings in life

What Can Christian Counseling Help With

There are plenty of things that Faith-Based counseling can help with, including:

• Offer hope

• Provide a sense of connection and belonging

• Reduce mental illness symptoms and distress

• Improve and maintain spiritual, emotional, and physical health

• Make important life choices and decisions

• Find purpose and meaning

• Interpersonal challenges such as family, couple or marriage issues

What Is Christian Counseling

What Are The Benefits of Christian Counselling

If you want to recover from something, this kind of psychotherapy will help you in many ways. These include:

Moral Values

This kind of psychotherapy promotes godliness. As you probably know, godliness is among the virtues associated with adopting positive values. This will help you get a clearer, deeper understanding of Christian living. You will also get valuable ideas to live life righteously. Meaning, you will have a life that is enjoyable, fulfilling, and addiction-free.


With Christian counseling, you’ll know what unconditional love is. It teaches that Jesus loves everyone no matter what you have done or said. Then, you can also show others that kind of love. Living a life with love means you’ll have a more meaningful life.


Forgiveness is a major biblical principle, and this kind of counseling is emphasizing it. It will help you concentrate on healing damaged emotions and encourage you to forgive people who have wronged you and yourself. Healing of emotions occurs through faith in the love and grace of God.

Positive Relationships

What drives people to stay in a poor relationship or destroy communication? Well, the answer is addiction. Good thing, this counseling encourages the clients to be nice to others while fostering a more meaningful relationship. Besides, it focuses on promoting loving relationships and developing a person.


Christian counseling introduces clients to a community that is made of like-minded believers. Following a Christian way of life means getting an opportunity to attend a Christian group or church where people with the same interests or beliefs gather together. Once you surround yourself with people who go through a similar breadth of experiences and emotions, you can experience a better recovery.


According to Christian faith, Christians hope for a wonderful afterlife in heaven. From there, believers will not experience sufferings and pain, only peace, joy, and love. If you try exploring the afterlife possibility, you can have a hope for a beautiful life after recovery.

Is Christian Counselling Right For Me?

Do you have a strong spiritual belief, and you want to incorporate it into your counseling experience? If yes, then Christian counseling is for you. Remember that spiritual belief can help in addressing several issues that Christian therapists can determine during the counseling process, including emotions together with patterns of behaving, thinking, and relating to one another.

Final Thoughts

In life, there are some instances that you will need the help of professional counseling. That is to ensure that you will get through particular situations. Feel no shame about your circumstances. If anything, this will help you strengthen your mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. The next time you will experience a situation that requires recovery, Christian counseling will help you a lot.

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