Valentine’s Day Ideas For 2021

Valentine’s Day 2021 won’t be like most Valentine’s Day celebrations of the past. Depending on where in the world you live, Valentine’s Day 2020 might not have been up too much either. The situation that faces the world is what it is, and all we can do for the moment is hope that everything will be back to normal at some point later this year. At the moment, we have to do what we can do with the options available to us – and that might mean some creative thinking when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner.

Perhaps in some ways, we could look at this as a positive. A lot of people feel that Valentine’s Day has become too commercialized and exists only to make money for companies that can profit from it. Valentine’s Day is used as a hook for everything from increased prices at restaurants to attractions at online slots websites. We guarantee you that if you were to go and check out the range of online slots at one of the most popular websites of its kind, you’d find several using the Valentine’s Day theme. We don’t intend that as a criticism. You won’t find us hating on online slots websites – they have a right to make their money however they wish. It’s just an indication of how commercialized the day has become.

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With several of the commercial options off limits for obvious reasons, Valentine’s Day 2021 is a good chance to get “back to basics” and have a more personal, intimate celebration. If you’re stuck for ideas about how best to do that, we’ve got your back.

Go On A Hike

While you might not be able to go to some of your usual outdoor haunts, you’re still allowed to head outside for exercise in most parts of the world. That’s a good excuse to head for the hills or the nearest nature trail and go on a hike. Aside from giving you an excuse to enjoy the beauty of nature, hiking is good for your mental health. It could be a welcome break from the drudgery of the routine you’ve probably settled into while being stuck indoors for such a long time, and so it makes for a good bonding experience. Go and explore the open countryside and fresh air, and have conversations you’d never be able to have while sitting in front of the television. It might bring you closer together.

Cook Yourselves A Meal

Who usually does the cooking in your house? Is it always you? Does your partner do more than their fair share of the meal preparation? Might it be the case that you skip out on cooking and order takeaways more than you’d like to admit to? Forget phoning out for pizza or lumbering one of you with the chef’s role for the night, and make yourself a meal together. Team up in the kitchen and see what you can come up with. It’s a fun way of spending a few hours, and two heads are often better than one! Don’t worry if you’re not a natural chef – learning can be fun, too. In fact, you might want to consider signing up for an online cooking class together. It’ll reduce your dependence on takeaways or the microwave in the future, and your bank balance will thank you!

Book A Home Spa Session

You might not be able to go to a spa right now. Some people can, and we envy those people, but in many locations, those facilities are off-limits. That isn’t to say that the people who usually work in them are inactive, though. We’d suggest checking the finer points of the guidelines where you live before making any bookings, but you should find that it’s permitted to hire someone to come into your home for therapy and spa sessions. What better way to spend an hour or four than getting a joint massage or spa treatment? It’s total relaxation, and it will leave you free to focus your attention on each other when the session is over without worrying about work, aches, and pains, or anything else for that matter!

Have A Games Night For Two

If you’ve reached the point where you feel like you’ve seen every movie you’ll ever want to see on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and all of the other streaming services, we feel you. Many of us are in that boat, and there are only so many times we can re-watch our favorite shows and movies from the past. This situation is unlikely to change on Valentine’s Day, which makes the idea of having a movie night a bad one. Every night has been movie night for the past twelve months! Why not play a few games instead? We’re not necessarily talking about video games here (although that is an option). There’s a variety of games designed for two people that you can play at home, and some of them are designed specifically for couples. Have a look through some of them, and choose one or two that would be a good fit for you and your partner.

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Have A Picnic Indoors

It’s a little cold to go outside to eat at the moment. That might be an option in summer, but unless you live in the southern hemisphere, it’s probably coat weather! That would take all the fun out of heading out with a hamper and a blanket for a picnic, but it doesn’t mean picnics are off-limits altogether. Clear out a little floor space and have a picnic indoors instead. It’s a fun, quirky idea that should result in a lot of laughter – and laughter is the music of love. You could even combine this with your combined cooking efforts. That will take up most of your day, and so it’s your whole Valentine’s Day agenda taken care of.

Whatever you plan to do with your time on that day, try to do something. We know it’s easy to be cynical and dismiss Valentine’s Day as a marketing ploy, but it existed as a day for lovers long before corporations got involved. During a time when every day can feel the same, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to break the cycle and do something that feels special. Don’t pass up that chance. Seize it with both hands, and enjoy it!

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