Tips for Planning the Perfect Date

Whether you’re in the first dreamy months of a relationship or happy and committed for the long-term, creating the perfect date to add a little romance to your lives can be tricky. There’s so much to think about, from the location to your outfit, and it can feel like the ideal date is always just out of reach. Worry not, however; here are some quick tips on how to plan the night of both of your dreams.

Make Sure You Look Picture-Perfect

We always want to look our best for date night, so try and keep it fresh every time. Recycling the same old looks from your wardrobe will never get you noticed. Try something new, like pairing a white skirt or patterned maxi skirt from White House Black Market with a stylish black turtleneck. A midi or knee-length skirt works perfectly when matched with something baring a little skin on the top, or why not try a denim skirt paired with a soft fabric on top? Mixing and matching new pieces makes for a unique and attractive look that will get your evening off to a great start.

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Think About Your Mutual Interests

It can be hard to come up for an activity for a date night that doesn’t feel cliche or easy. The whole dinner-and-a-movie thing is sweet but over-done. Cooking for one another can be fun, but puts a lot of pressure on both of you. Try and think about what you both like to come up with unique date night ideas that suit you both. There is a wealth of creative ideas online; try looking through these and then putting your own spin on it to make it personal to you and your partner.

Look for Creative Recommendations

Adventurous dates can be a healthy push for both you and your partner. Doing something outside of both your comfort zones brings you closer together as a couple and can help you see who your partner truly is. Why not try a crazy activity, like bird-feeding, to see how well your personalities match under pressure?



Bird Street Bistro makes food for birds and parrots from natural ingredients, like organic couscous, healthy grains, and natural vegetables. Why not buy some of their organic and healthy feed and go and find some feathered friends? It will certainly be a conversation starter, and who knows, perhaps down the line you might buy one together! If you do, you’ll already have a good stock of the perfect healthy grains for them.

Back Yourself All the Way

Sometimes, no matter how much planning goes into a date, it can feel as though things inevitable don’t always go the way you think they will. What’s always important to remember during any date is that what makes it perfect are the two people there. You might be destined to be with your current partner forever, or just for a certain time period. What matters now is making the most of your time together and making sure you give it all you’ve got. Try and not to get too bogged down in the details, but focus on being yourself. If the timing is right for the pair of you, then your personalities and natural intimacy will make for the perfect date that you’re looking for.

Use these tips here as guidelines, but remember that at the end of the day, a date can only be what you make of it. Go in with a positive attitude, try and stamp down on your nerves, and bear in mind that your partner will be trying to do the same!

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