Sex During Pregnancy: If Yes, Then How?

When it comes to pregnancy, parents put safety at the top of their priority list. They seek to find harmony between caring about the upcoming new life and maintaining the connection between husband and wife. Spouses wonder how they can deliver pleasure to each other during one of the most emotive periods of their life.

Those couples who are afraid to have sex during pregnancy suffer a lot, especially if there are no reasons to refrain until your gynecologist tells you so. It doesn’t provoke miscarriage and doesn’t scare the baby in a safe shelter of the uterus. Moreover, sex during pregnancy can be beneficial for a child.

Sex During Pregnancy

What’s Good About Sex During Pregnancy?

A burst of hormones is intrinsic to pregnancy. Though each woman experiences her own and unique fusion of hormones in her bloodstream, all of them are crucial for the fetus’s development. The levels of progesterone and estrogen may influence the sex of a baby, aside from other important functions. Ask your gynecologist how your hormones work, while you are pregnant.

But what about the hormones released after sex? Dopamine and serotonin reduce the level of stress and help keep the nervous system stable.

Intercourse helps you to keep fit and energetic. That’s pretty obvious. Another good reason to have sex is that it uplifts the immune system. Yes, sex increases the level of immunoglobulin, which keeps you healthy. And it can be fantastic, as far as the female body becomes very sensitive during pregnancy.

What If Your Gynecologist Forbids You To Have Sex?

Well, there are cases when you have to say no to sex. If there is any risk of preterm labor or placenta previa, your gynecologist will surely ask you to refrain. Prostaglandins in male semen and any other erotic stimulation are dangerous in that case because they lead to the uterus contractions. That means no sex and no masturbation until you give birth to your baby.

Sex with penetration has other contra indicators during pregnancy. If your gynecologist diagnosedvaginal bleeding with you, cervical incompetence or leaking of amniotic fluid, you should stay away from classical intercourses. It makes sense because the risk of getting an infection is unacceptably high. Remember, that it is dangerous to have sex after delivering the baby for some time until the uterus heals and the cervix closes.

If penetrative or physically intensive sex is against your gynecologists advice you can consider alternatives. Focusing on erogenous zones such as your neck or even nipples can still give satisfying experiences, you can even expand to trying things like nipple clamps for more advanced nipple play.

The Best Positions For Sex During Pregnancy

The recommended sex positions don’t include those which create additional pressure on mother’s organs and the fetus. Missionary position is one of them. Also, lying on your stomach should be avoided.

• Doggystyle

This position is pretty comfortable during the first and the beginning of the second trimester. Extra pillows or a liberator wedge will come in handy to let your belly rest.

• Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl

They’re awesome because a woman can control the depth and angle of penetration. Though it may be challenging to practice cowgirl during the third trimester due to the increased sensitivity of the vagina.

• Spooning

That position when both a man and a woman are lying on the side is just alright for any trimester. A man can easily enter from behind and support a belly that is resting on soft cushions.

• Face-to-Face

Scissoring brings more romance into your sexual intercourse as both partners may kiss and look into each other’s eyes. A nice choice for the first and the second trimesters until your belly makes it difficult for the penis to reach the vagina.

• Standing Position

You should seek stability while practicing this one. Lean on the wall, not on chairs or anything that may fall. And don’t stand on anything except the floor. Your partner should hold your waist for greater comfort.

• Anal Sex

You may continue to practice anal sex during pregnancy. Doggystyle or spooning are pretty convenient for that case. But you should keep in mind a couple of rules. Don’t do anal in case of pregnancy hemorrhoids and never move the penis out of the butthole into the vagina.

• Oral sex

The best position for getting oral pleasure is when a woman lies or sits on a chair. Almost all the cunnilingus techniques are good to bring sexual relief, except one – blowing the air into the vagina. It is dangerous and may cause embolia. Giving oral pleasure to your male partner is quite alright while you feel no dizziness.

You can make your intimate life even more diverse with sex toys. Anything that appeals to your fantasy may be used. Remember that no matter what you use to stimulate your vagina must be flawlessly clean and made of high-grade materials.

Anyway, sex is not about the technique and equipment but about intimate bonds and giving love to each other. Listen to your body and enjoy your sex life even during pregnancy.

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