Sending Love From Afar Through Condolence Wreath

Losing a loved one, a friend, or even a beloved pet can be painful. It has the potential to bring you to a point where no one else can cheer you up.

Despite this, you must maintain a positive attitude and a smile to alleviate some of the misery. Putting up a funeral wreath that you’ve purchased or that other people have sent can be of assistance in this regard.

Looking at the flowers and reading condolence messages will help ease your grief. Sending funeral wreaths as a gesture of condolence and compassion is a straightforward yet heartfelt way to let the bereaved family know that you care about them and understand the anguish they are experiencing during this trying time.

If you are considering sending a floral arrangement of condolence to someone you are acquainted with, the information in this article will be helpful to you.

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Condolence Wreaths

The anguish that comes with a loss might be impossible. Although nothing can be done to lessen the suffering of someone who has lost a loved one, it is customary and conventional to send floral wreaths to the funeral to express one’s most profound sorrow and sympathy for the loss.

It is also a way for the grieving family to share the weight of their sorrow with the community. You can communicate your condolences by sending a flower stand or wreath there, even if you do not currently reside in Singapore.

However, it is essential to remember that there is a specific protocol to be followed while delivering flowers at a funeral. Many individuals are hesitant to act this way because they are unsure of what constitutes appropriate behaviour.

A Look Back at the History and Custom of Using Wreaths During Funerals

When someone you care about passes away, it is usual to send funeral wreaths to symbolise your deepest condolences and support. But where did this practice originate in the first place? When was this made? And what exactly does the act of laying a wreath signify?

The historical significance of wreaths

Flower garlands and wreaths have been around for nearly the same time as humans. Flowers were utilised by even the oldest civilisations both as adornment and as a blessing at funerals.

In Ancient Greece and Rome, wreaths made of flowers or leaves were worn as a badge of honour. During festivities, prominent members of society, such as leaders, poets, priests, and other essential community members, would wear them. For instance, this is why depictions of Julius Caesar almost invariably show him wearing a crown of laurel wreaths on his head.

Factors to Consider Before Sending Condolence Wreaths

Before buying a condolence wreath, there are some things you need to keep in mind, as outlined below.

Cultural and religious beliefs

Because Singapore is a multicultural society, it is essential to consider its various religions and cultures. Something proper for one culture or religion might not be for another. The following is a list of frequent practices that vary from faith to faith:

    • When attending a Catholic service, most flower arrangements and bouquets are acceptable.
    • Most flower arrangements and bouquets can be used for Protestant and Christian services.
    • According to Buddhist teachings, most flower arrangements and bouquets are suitable.
    • A garland of flowers is a more prevalent sight at Hindu funerals than floral arrangements.
    • Sending flowers may or may not be appropriate at a Muslim funeral. Therefore, making contact with the bereaved family before sending flowers is essential. If you plan to place an order for flowers, your arrangement should be understated yet sophisticated.

Style of floral arrangement

Families are increasingly asking instead of flowers for monetary donations to be made to a particular charity. In this specific situation, you should respect the family’s wishes.

You should give at least the amount of money you would have spent on a floral arrangement if you consider donating. Remember to enclose a note explaining who the memorial is in honour of.

Appropriate colour and type of flowers

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There are multiple interpretations for each unique bloom. Because they symbolise tranquillity and the purity of the departed soul, lilies are the floral arrangement of choice for most funerals. Roses, orchids, and chrysanthemums are some of the more traditional options for flowers to be used in funeral arrangements.

There is also significance in the colours of the blooms. It is advisable to go for a muted colour, as solid colours can not be as appropriate in some situations. Feel free to ask your florist for clarification or advice whenever you are unsure.

Place in your thoughts and prayers

Always be sure to include a statement of condolence with the flower wreath or arrangement that you send. Your attitude and message should be tailored to the person reading the note. Maintain a cordial and approachable tone throughout your letter. It might be as easy as saying, “You will be loved and remembered forever,” or “Forever in our hearts, keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.”

Final Thoughts

It is never simple to experience the loss of a friend or a loved one. But even something as basic as sending flowers to a grieving family can help ease their burden and show them support.

When it comes to picking funeral flowers, factors such as religion, tradition, and personal preference are all taken into consideration. Flower wreaths continue to be the most popular option because their circular arrangement is symbolic of everlasting life.

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