Secrets of Dating a Curvy Girl: Things You Never Know Before

Women with a full figure are regarded by many as the epitome of femininity and sexier than the skinny supermodel types you see in glossy magazines.

Curvy women also tend to be charming, cheerful, generous, easy to get along with, and ready to offer reassurance.

This is why online dating platforms featuring curvy girls are so popular, check out the bbwcupid dating site review for more info. If, like many men, you find curvy women attractive, you need to know the secrets of dating a woman with a well-defined figure.

curvy woman

We reveal those secrets here and explain what you need to do to make dating a curvy woman a fulfilling experience for you both.

Make her feel special

Women of all sizes may at some point have doubted their attractiveness or experienced other feelings of insecurity. And curvaceous women have probably faced difficulties in being accepted by society.

So when you date a curvy girl, it’s important to let her know you think she’s special, which will reassure her that you like her for the beautiful person she is.

Be yourself

Despite negative stereotyping of women with well-defined hips and breasts, curvy girls are often completely happy with who they are. They’ll appreciate a man who behaves in a similar manner and is easy to communicate with.

So, don’t pretend to be something you’re not in a bid to impress your date – it just doesn’t work with curvy women. And instead of telling her what you think she wants to hear, take some time to get to know her so you can offer sincere compliments.

Focus on her unique qualities

According to the research of ThreesomeDatingSites.biz, not all women obsess about their shape, but some girls with prominent curves may be hurt by insensitive comments or teasing.

Far better to compliment her on the traits that attract you to her. Telling any woman why you think they’re fabulous in their own unique way can do wonders for their self-respect and encourage confidence in the relationship.

Rather than focusing purely on physical attributes, home in on her intelligence, compassion, wit and creativity – all attractive, powerful qualities in a person.

Respect the things she does

Besides physical appearance, you can find beauty in the things your curvaceous girl does for others.

For example:

    • If she makes a point of visiting her elderly grandparents regularly, let her know you believe this typifies her kindness and consideration.
    • If she volunteers for charity work, tell her how much you respect her compassion in devoting time and energy to serve those in need.

Problems curvy women face

If you’re going to date a full-figure girl, an understanding of the issues that often confront curvy women is essential if you want to develop your relationship.

Women have to reconcile themselves with being bombarded by media images of people feted purely for their looks and slender bodies. The implication is clear, if not explicitly stated: You need to look like this to be desirable.

The reality is that women with a small body size are few and are between. For instance, a 2016 study reported in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education revealed that the average American woman wore between a size 16 to 18.

Misconceptions about curvy girls

The term curvy as applied to women is mistakenly perceived by some as a euphemism for fat.

A curvy body is simply one with a low waist-to-hip ratio. Curvy does not mean chubby, overweight or obese. It means the curve definition is well defined. A curvy girl is, therefore, as sexy and healthy as women with a smaller dress size.

Common fallacies about women with a full figure have resulted in the proliferation of misguided ideas such as:

    • Curvy girls don’t look good in bikinis – they should cover up their body, not show it off.
    • Bold fashion statements don’t suit plus-size girls.
    • All curvy girls want to look slimmer.

The new sex symbols

While slim girls may have captured the interest of advertising agencies and fashion designers, healthy, smart, curvy women have in recent years being increasingly seen as the new sex symbols.

Stars who are proud to be curvy include Salma Hayek, Drew Barrymore and Eva Mendes. Who wouldn’t want to date a girl like them? And now you know the secrets of dating a curvy girl, there’s nothing to stop you!

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