Popular Smoking Gift Options for Your Smoker Friend

A smoker is always looking for ways to enhance their experience with the things they are smoking. Choosing a gift that your smoker friend will enjoy can be difficult with a wide variety of products to choose from online.

You can find a gift through a discount smoke shop online easily when you’re looking thoroughly. Read on for some popular smoking gift kit options below!

popular gifts for smoker friend

1 Large Glass Pipe with Downstem

Pipes are always a good gift idea to give to your smoker friend. The great thing about them is that they are useful almost anytime, not just during smoking sessions. They are good to be used when going out for the night as they are easily portable. The glass piece also comes with a metal downstem, so your friend can put it immediately to use.

2 Large Glass Bong

Another great option for a gift is a large glass bong. The bongs come with different features like ice pinches or diffusers. It’s always good to get something with more than one purpose so they won’t have to buy another accessory for their smoking experience.

The great thing about bongs is that they are easy to clean, so if your friend smokes often, they won’t need to worry about what’s left in the bong after each session. However, you should note that cleanliness is very important when giving someone a gift like this.

3 Tobacco or Herb Grinder

A grinder is a great accessory to add to your smoker friend’s collection because it will allow for more filters when smoking and give them options. When you buy tobacco, store the tobacco in the grinder and use it for whatever they like most. The herb grinder is nice because it’s more discreet; they can grind their cannabis up before putting it in the bowl for a smoother smoking session.

4 Dab nails & Carrying Case

Dab nails aren’t exactly simple accessories for smokers, but if your friend smokes concentrates often, it’s a thoughtful gift. It is a known fact that concentrates are much more potent than flowers, so it’s great to give something that will help reduce the leftover product after each session. It comes with everything they need to load up and smoke on the go.

5 Power Hitter Bundle

A Powerhitter is one of those neat little gadgets that every smoker should have. It’s a small white tube, much like an electronic cigarette or vape pen. Since it’s so discreet, they can smoke anywhere without bringing attention to themselves. All you do is load the end with your material and push down until you hear a click. Then, take a hit like normal.

6 Glass Vaporizer Bubbler & Dab Rig Set

If your smoker friend likes to smoke out of water pipes, they’ll love this set. It includes a wax bubbler, a water pipe adapter, and two multi-purpose dab tools. This way, they can either use the bubbler or drop their wax onto the water pipe converter to smoke with one of their bigger pieces.

7 Smoking Tobacco Sampler Pack

Extend your gift set by including some smoking tobacco that is suitable for rolling into cones. This way, you can introduce them to new ways of smoking, and they won’t need to buy anything else except rolling paper. They’ll love sharing it with their friends or keeping it for themselves.

For your smoker friend, a couple of Cuban Cigars will be a nice surprise. It’s not a secret that Cuban cigars are the symbol of luxury and status, so your friend who loves smoking will be quite happy to get cigars as a present. There are many famous cigars such as Romeo y Julieta Churchill, Partagas cigars or Trinidad vigia. Depending on his or her preferences you can choose between the different types and flavours. If he/she likes mild strength with medium to full flavour, Trinidad Vigia will be the right choice as it gives the most tasteful and rich cigar experience.

Every smoker should have some access to the smoking accessories mentioned in this article. You can look for a discount smoke shop online, so you’re not draining your bank balance in one go when choosing a gift for your friend. While you can always give them any item from your personal collection, it’s fun to get something new for your friend since they will appreciate it that much more.

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