Good Reasons Why Kids Should Also Read Comic Books

There is a general tendency for most people, including teachers, to dismiss comics from the reading list of kids under the assumption that the format does not lend itself to good reading habits and brain development. This is even though comic books have been a fundamental element of pop culture in America, according to https://www.cnbc.com. However, kids and their parents, as well as teachers, are slowly waking up to the realization that comic books are not necessarily something you need to frown on but can be quite interesting, informative and certainly nothing to be embarrassed about. Some of the most outstanding benefits of reading comic books:

why kids should read comic books

Develops the Love of Reading 

There are many people, especially the young, who find reading quite daunting and thus find it difficult to improve their reading skills. They frown at the sight of historical fiction book recommendations and avoid them at all costs. The visual format of graphic novels and comic books breaks down the difficulty level of reading so that readers are more encouraged to read. Also, the comic books prove to be more engaging to readers with their intense and colorful visuals and a strong focus on the characters and the plot. Young readers, therefore, given the opportunity, prefer comic books to short stories and novels. You do not have to take the trouble of finding online comic books store that sells comics because now you can read comics online from several sources. However, perhaps the most outstanding benefit of comic books for early readers is that they help them to grasp information that they would have normally found very dull and boring.

Helps Readers Think Differently 

According to research, the reading of comic books demands simultaneous processing of the textual, visual, and spatial components of the reading material and then integrating them into the understanding of the narration. It is proven that even though comic books appeal to their audience for the very same reasons that they are drawn to other visual entertainment like TV and video games, it requires comic book readers to perform more complex processing that makes the brain more agile.

Improves the Brain Function 

When kids are growing up, they hear a constant refrain that reading is good for them and that the more they read, the better they would become in reading. However, in many cases, the real problem is that kids are not interested in becoming good readers and there is very little incentive for them to start reading more. However, the latest neuro-scientific research has indicated that there is a noticeable effect on the function of the brain by reading with increased neuron activity outlasting the actual reading session. It appears that reading can change how the brain functions, which is another good reason to take up reading.


Most of the superheroes that kids love to see in movies have their origins in comic books. If kids enjoy seeing the forces of evil being overcome by these cool superheroes like Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, Captain America, etc. there is absolutely no reason for kids not to turn to the comic books from there these movies were adapted and enjoy a very good read.

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