Factors to Keep in Mind on a First Date

You’ve only known this lady or gent online, and thus there is plenty that might go wrong. If this is indeed the first date that is coming up, treading carefully is the way to go. While online dating, texting, and video calls might give insight into the other person’s thinking, it is not conclusive. Men and women fall prey to believing in themselves a tad too much.

When you meet for that first date, there are factors to consider. It is likely you know very little about the person you are engaging. Chances are they have left plenty for you to find out slowly. As you proceed to the first date, the lady from https://uadates.com/petite-body-women is likely to need some assurances.

Additionally, not everyone is genuine on dating platforms. Here are some factors to consider as you head out on the first date.

first date

Dress code

Dress well and women and men will appreciate you. Revealing too much cleavage, or skin for that matter is ill-advised. When you meet for the first time, first impressions are important. Wearing a suit might be too much, depending on the venue too. If the date is serious and you mean business, it is better to have on khakis. Ladies revealing too much skin come off as desperate. It is sleazy and unbecoming behavior.


Keep conversations clean and avoid politics and religion. Any time you meet someone for the first time; there is less knowledge of their beliefs. It might be that they are pagans, atheists, or aren’t particularly religious. Bringing up your fanatical beliefs about God, Islam et al could only spell disaster. Conversations should center on common knowledge and basic topics.

Indeed, it is best to listen more and talk less. When you finally land that first meetup, try learning about her innermost desires, her predilections, and quirks if possible. It takes a little humility to better understand your newfound mate. When conversations become heated, it is usually because of opinions. Avoid opinionated conversations and the rendezvous might end smoothly.


Try to remain sober as long as possible during the first date, regardless of how thirsty you might be. Imbibing alcohol can be embarrassing and usually leads to disappointment. If you cannot handle your liquor, avoid drinking around your date. You can always indulge when the date is over.

Ladies should avoid getting drunk on the first encounter too and this is for several reasons. The man you’ve just met could have ulterior motives, meaning you might get hurt and unknowingly. It is profoundly more embarrassing for a woman than it is for a man to be intoxicated. The first might be the last one between the two of you.

Keep it simple

Avoid spending too much and what you cannot afford on that first date. Here’s why. If you portray that rich persona on a first date, she will expect it in the future. You cannot spend hundreds of dollars on the initial meeting and fall back on subsequent dates. Keep things on level playing ground throughout and you are likely to have a blossoming relationship.

If that fails, take her to a picnic for the first meeting. This gives you cozier moments and more room to have intimate conversations. Plan for a booth at a restaurant as opposed to the bar, or book a spa treatment and then fish foods afterward. Keep things unique yet affordable on the first date and you will both look forward to more wining and dining.

Bottom Line

Sometimes a little ingenuity helps get you started and hopefully enjoy more future rendezvous. If you cannot find something affordable, be creative. Take her to the movies, a museum, or walks in a national park. Whatever you choose, remember to dress the part and refrain from politics or religion.

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