Best Ways to Meet New Friends During This Crazy Pandemic

At this point, you’ve probably been in quarantine for more days than you thought possible. Also, you’re probably in desperate need of some true, visceral human contact and making new friends.

While you’re (hopefully) not cheating self-isolation, you still deserve some sort of human contact – you need it. Since human touch is out of the question and you see your family every day, why not meet someone new? Whoever it is, you’ll surely have a lot to talk about before and after this pandemic is over.

Though you’re already familiar with some of the tips below, it doesn’t hurt to try doing these things when you’re craving some fresh faces. Here we go.

Online Chatrooms

For now, the closest you’ll get to being face-to-face with someone is video chatting. Yes, chatting with random people on the internet is more fun with a bunch of drunk friends, but you’ll do it alone for a great cause.

Try not to see video chat websites as a one-time kind of thing. Some of them let you choose your favorite conversation topics and write a huge bio so you can make meaningful friendships. You can bet that a lot of people are as excited to meet new people as you are. IMLive live ebony cams is one such place that I found to be warm and welcoming.

If that’s not enough, meeting new friends is a great way to grow your follower count on social media, too.

Dating Apps

Meet New Friends During Pandemic 1

Friends-with-benefits are also friends. Not to mention, this is the perfect time to shoot your shot if you weren’t showing up to that date, anyway.

When in doubt, look for the best dating apps to download according to your sexual orientation, choose your best selfies, create a killer bio, and have fun. Just a side note: though online dating might sound like a “quarantine pastime”, remember you’re potentially dealing with other people’s feelings. Don’t download any dating apps without a genuine reason behind it.

Getting to know your match way before social distancing is over will make your first in-person date as sweet as a piece of cake.

RPG (Role-Playing) Games

Meet New Friends During Pandemic 1

If you’re into gaming, you’ve probably made some of your friends that way. For those of you who’ve never played multiplayer games with people from all over the world, it could easily become your next quarantine hobby.

RPGs aren’t just regular games—you can chat live with other players as you kick the enemy team’s butt. Of course, there are a lot of game categories to choose from, and a lot of cool people you can meet along the way. However…

The only thing worse than being defeated is poor Wi-Fi. A weak signal on your laptop or device could result in lagging problems and a lot of stress. Depending on your signal strength, you might not be able to play online. That’s fine, and you can revert this with a good Wifi extender. That’s finally going to cover the Wi-Fi “dead zones,” even if you live in a large home.

Interest-Focused Networking Sites

Meet New Friends During Pandemic 1

This is the perfect way to find compatible people without trying too hard. Here’s an example:

If you’re an agriculturist, it’s not hard to find great agriculture entertainment on websites that are very similar to Reddit, for example. For different interests, just search for “best social networking sites for…” and your profession/interest of choice. It’s that simple, and you’ll never run out of subjects to talk about.


Invite your neighbors

If you live in a building, it’s fair to assume that your neighbors might be nothing but elevator partners most of the time. But now that you have a little more time to spare, why not check on them? If you have their number, ask them if they need anything from the grocery store, or if they need you to watch their pets when they’re out running essential errands. These random acts of kindness are so helpful, especially if your neighbors are part of the risk group.

What’s more, they might return the favor when we all can go out again, and they could turn out to be nicer than you thought.

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