8 Creative Proposal Ideas for the Classy Partner

No couple wants to go through the same stale routine every time they think of proposing. Many are looking for something different, something truly special and memorable that will throw their significant other off guard in the best way possible. From singing flash mobs to skywriting, there have been some creative proposals that have become viral hits.

Whether you want your proposal idea to be simple or elaborate, here are eight unique and classy proposal ideas that will make your significant other say yes.

creative proposal ideas

1 A romantic dinner under the stars

For a more intimate setting, surprise your partner with a romantic dinner for two under the stars. You can decorate the area with twinkling lights and candles to make it extra special. Then, while you’re having dinner, surprise them with the best ring for engagement.

2 A picnic at their favourite spot

Take your partner on a picnic at their favourite outdoor spot and create a personal setting for your proposal. You can bring along some of their favourite snacks to make it all the more special. And when they least expect it, pop the question!

3 Surprise flash mob performance

A surefire way to get an unforgettable reaction is by organising an epic flash mob performance. This takes quite a bit of planning. But when executed correctly, it will be worth every second spent rehearsing and practising. Your partner will be amazed for sure!

4 A message in the sky

If you’re looking for something big, a proposal with a message written in the sky is as grandiose as they come. Hire a plane to write out ‘Will You Marry Me?’ or whatever special phrase you have prepared across the clouds.  Your partner won’t forget this gesture anytime soon, and you’ll be able to surprise them with a Sydney engagement ring!

5 A scavenger hunt

Create a memorable scavenger hunt experience by leading your partner on an adventure through their favourite places. Make sure to drop hints along the way, so that they’ll know where to find the ring box when they get to the final destination.

6 A surprise trip with a proposal at the end

Surprise your partner with a romantic getaway and plan to propose at the end of it. Pack some of their favourite things in your suitcase, such as books, snacks or their favourite clothing items. Then when you reach your destination, make sure to pop the question in a special way—perhaps on top of a mountain looking out onto an amazing view!

7 An intimate gathering

Gather all your closest family and friends together for an intimate dinner party, but don’t tell them why you’re actually there. Ask everyone to be seated around the dinner table and then present a ring box when no one expects it. Your partner will be pleasantly surprised!

8 Sing your proposal

If singing is more up your alley, then why not write a beautiful song and perform it for your partner? Singing the words ‘Will you marry me?’ will surely capture their attention!


Proposing is an exciting and nerve-wracking time for any couple. But with these creative proposal ideas, you can make it truly unforgettable for the both of you! Decide which one suits your personalities best and then get started on making it happen. Good luck!

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