5 Tips To Keep A Family Together And Strengthen Bonds

When we were younger, we looked forward to having a perfect life, spending time with family, eating meals together, watching movies, and going to the park on weekends. But then life happens, and we find our paths moving further from one another. We cope with work, stress, and difficult times, and the family we always dreamed of becomes more like an illusion.

If this is where you are right now, you can still live that reality. It’s all about doing the right things that bring your family closer, and balancing life and work. Moreover, research shows that teenagers are less likely to engage in risky behaviors if they have healthy family relationships.

So here are the tips to keep a family together and strengthen bonds.

how to keep family together

1. Plan Scheduled Events

It’s not just about spending more time together but quality time – a moment everyone can enjoy. To improve family bonds, find an activity that all family members will love. When everyone is happily engaged, there is less room for conflict and more room to reflect on the good things.

One option is to get out of the house, such as going on a vacation or day trip. But when the weather isn’t great, do something fun at home. Inform everyone of the proposed date by hanging up a calendar. This will help build excitement leading up to the day. Have scheduled events, such as movie theater every Friday and making Sundays pizza or game night. Change things up once in a while, so it never gets boring.

2. Eat Dinner As A Family

Research shows that teens that eat regularly with their family engage less in risky behaviors and are less likely to suffer from depression.

Dinnertime is an opportunity for family members to give their full attention to one another and discuss their day. Even food prep is an avenue for parents and their kids to work together. Get to know one another’s favorite foods, create recipes together, and work out a strategy for the picky eaters.

3. Prioritize Alone Time

Parents often get so caught up caring for their kids that they forget themselves. Try scheduling activities for yourself alone and also with your partner.

In your private time, care for your body, mind, and soul, whatever re-invigorates and pushes you on. Pick up inspiring books. If possible, start a daily devotional for women, anything to give you strength, a sense of purpose, and the wisdom to continue striving for your family.

The best part about spending time with yourself is that you return with renewed strength. And that’s something you need to keep on doing all you do for your family.

4. Allow Everyone To Have A Voice

To strengthen family bonds, make everyone feel heard. Listen actively and wholeheartedly, whether it’s your spouse or youngest child. Check-in privately with each family member from time to time to find out what’s going on in their life. Occasion family meetings are also a great way to share ideas and create open communication within the family.

5. Get The Family Involved With Chores

Chores do not have to be painful if they’re teamwork. Whether gardening, cleaning, or food prep, your kids would be more willing to participate if they knew every other person would be involved. It becomes less task-like and more fun. And the best part is it allows everyone to connect.

While finding ways to keep your family together and well-bonded, avoid copying exactly one family’s formula. It’s good to adopt good strategies, but what works for one may not work for another. That’s because everyone is different, and your kids and spouse are different from other families. So be ready to customize any strategy to your family members’ tastes.

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