5 Occasions to Get Flowers Delivered in Melbourne

The Australian floriculture exports were about 1,182,000 units in 2019 and is growing due to the increasing global demand. Melbourne is one of the top producers of flowers in the country. Getting flowers delivered Melbourne is becoming popular, as people prefer to order online rather than purchase in person.

Melbourne is one of the trendiest cities, with citizens that are laid back and cool. The COVID-19 crisis has not led to the city forfeiting its celebrations of special occasions.

Be it birthdays or anniversaries, or even a graduation, Melbournians have taken to sending flowers to their loved ones to make them feel special. These are the top five occasions when flower delivery is used.

Get Flowers Delivered in Melbourne


Due to the pandemic, most of the country was under lockdown. While those restrictions have been lifted, many people still prefer to maintain their distance, quite literally. This has resulted in an exponential increase in flowers being delivered to the birthday boy or girl. You can order from a wide range of flowers picked from several arrangements.


The wedding anniversary of a friend or family member is another occasion when getting flowers delivered in Melbourne is appropriate. You can add a bottle of wine or fruit basket and make a hamper out of it.

You can also order a special bouquet delivered to your spouse’s place of work and surprise them with a special message and a box of chocolates. Nothing says “I Love You” better than beautifully arranged red roses.

Get Well Soon

These were probably the most delivered flower arrangements that Melbourne saw in the last year. When you cannot visit someone in the hospital, you can send an orchid plant or flower arrangement, which says you care.

You can also include a trendy glass or ceramic vase so that your loved one can take them home with them. These flower arrangements and plants are available for just about any budget. Therefore, you do not have to worry about it burning a hole in your pocket.

Thank You Flowers

When you want to express your gratitude, simply saying “thank you” seems too little. You want to make an extra effort to mean it. You can let the receiver know your feeling by sending a bunch of pastel and mauve or spring garden everlasting. Add a scented candle or cuddly teddy bear to let them know that you mean it.


There are many occasions when you can congratulate someone. It can be the birth of their baby, their graduation, a promotion, starting a new business, or being engaged. No matter the occasions, when congratulations are in order, simply order a flower arrangement and pair it with an appropriate gift.


For example, you can add an “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” foil balloon for a baby’s birth. In case of a promotion, you can include a bottle of wine. For graduation, get a box of chocolates to go along with your flowers. The choices are endless.

Melbourne is one of the largest producers of flowers in Australia and also has a high number of individuals sending flowers to their loved ones. Therefore, getting flowers delivered in Melbourne is one of the most popular forms of gifting for many occasions.

You, too, can make a special moment even more memorable with an exquisite arrangement of flowers.

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