16 Simple Gestures That Will Make Your Partners Day

When you are thinking about showing love to your partner, it’s easy to remember only the big gestures you see in movies. Even though going over-the-top for your partner always a great thing to do, by doing small things to show your partner how much you love them can be just as effective or even better.

Let’s be honest, the day-to-day things that you can do for your partner and make them smile can be a lot more important than you think. Here are 16 small gestures that your partner will most definitely appreciate.

Simple Gestures That Will Make Your Partners Day

An Unexpected Relaxing Massage

Who doesn’t like to get their back or feet rubbed? By giving them a nice massage you are sensually connecting with your partner. If you are not sure in your massage skills, find a nearby spa and find an appointment for a couples massage, and it will do the trick.

Breakfast In Bed

There are only a few heartwarming things as waking up to the smell of breakfast and coffee. It is a great way to show your love for your partner. Waking up a bit earlier and making them their favourite breakfast foods is the simplest yet loving gesture you can do.

Take-out Dinner Options

Simple Gestures That Will Make Your Partner appreciated

Instead of asking where your partner would like to eat, have them pick out of their three favourite places or suggest some places you haven’t tried out before.

Give Them A Love Letter

Saying your true feelings out loud isn’t always that easy. That is why a love letter is a great option. When you are writing a letter you are taking the time to organise your emotions and put them on a paper. It is a wonderful way to remind your partner why and how much you love them.

Do Their Dishes Or A Chore That Your Partner Hates Doing

Figure out what is a thing that your partner hates doing and do it for them. Even if it’s a one-time thing it will mean a lot to them that you know what they don’t like doing and what you have done their chores because you love them.

Give Them A Call Instead Of Texting Them

If you have some extra time or a funny story you want to tell them just pick up your phone and call your partner instead of texting them. Nowadays, it is not common to actually talk over the phone, most people opt for texting. They will find it really romantic and cure when you tell them you just want to hear their voice.

Gift Them A New Book

If you noticed that your partner has shown interest in new books, try buying them a book on the topic they like is a really sweet way of showing that you truly care about what they are interested in.

Surprise Them With Flowers

Simple Gestures That Will Make Your Partner happy

Flowers are the most beautiful yet one of the easiest ways to let your partner know how much they mean to you. Find a company that sells flowers online, because your partner will be super happy when they get a delivery of their favourite flowers from their loved one.

Offer Them Your Last Bite

When you are sharing a meal or dessert, offer your partner the last bite and it will show them how much you care about them. Because sharing is caring and we all want the last peace.

Tell Them About Things You Love About Them

If you are a couple that has been together for a while you might think that I love you is good enough for making them feel loved. Try telling them what are the things that you love about them and let them know how much you appreciate them and their love.

Let Them Off The Hook Once In A While

It doesn’t matter if you are having dinner with your friends and they do something that will make you get angry, just let it go this time. They will be glad that you didn’t get angry and it will make you and your partner happier.

Give Them Some Space When Needed

We all have a time in life when we just want to be alone for a bit. To show how much you love them and that you understand what they want and need, give your partner time to be alone. But don’t forget to remind them that you are there whenever they want to talk.

Surprise Them With A Romantic, Relaxing Bath

Simple Gestures That Will Make Your Partner loved

By taking a couple of minutes to get a bath going and lighting some candles, you will make a perfect setting for your partner coming home after a long day at work.

As we already mentioned it before showing love doesn’t need to involve something huge and expensive.

Most of the times it’s the little surprises that will make your partner feel loved. But if you want to make your partner feel extra special this simple gesture will make them feel attractive relaxes and loved.

Small Random Surprises

Bigger isn’t always better. Yes, you can buy them a diamond ring or something expensive. But in the long run, it’s the kiss that you give them before you leave for work or bringing them their favourite food or just being there to listen after they had a stressful day. Small random surprises will show them that you care and want them to stay.

Be Involved With Their Loved Ones

Your partners loved ones are a big part of their life. If you want to show them how much you love and care about your partner you will make an effort to get involved and communicate with your partners’ family and friends. Even asking your partner how they are doing can show them how much you care.

Ask About Their Day And Actually Be Interested

Don’t just ask your partner about their day out of a routine, always ask to actually listen and care about what happened that day. If they had a bad day you will make them feel better and if you are actually interested they will see how much you care about them.

All in all, you have to remember that showing your love is all in the little things you do for them. Huge gestures of love aren’t always what makes your partner wants to stay around. It’s the little cute things you do that will make them feel loved.

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