Embracing the Great Outdoors: A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Tents for Camping

Every year, one million new American families take up camping. And that is awesome! More and more Americans are realizing the benefits and pleasures of exploring the great outdoors.

But that means millions of people who need luxury camping tents are currently without one.. So, what types of tents are best for certain climates and styles of camping? Which tents are best for families or multi-day hikes?

This guide will give you a quick rundown of the best types of tents for camping so you know how to choose a tent for your trip.

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Ridge or A-Frame Tent

This is a traditional style which is so-called because two literal frames that look like an “A” hold up the tent’s canvas.

They are often small and fit up to three people. The benefits are that this style of tent is stable and easy to set up. Modern ridge tents have a lighter canvas and the bigger versions allow people to stand up.

It is not one of the more popular tent styles as there are more ergonomic designs. Plus, if you use a traditional style with canvas, it can be heavy.

Geodesic Tent

This is one of the most hard-wearing, robust types of tents. A geodesic tent is a complicated-looking spherical structure with poles that criss-cross.

It is the best tent for extreme weather. Adventurers and scientists use this type of tent on expeditions where it is important to get the right equipment.

They tend to be more expensive than other types of tents and the complex design is overkill for most leisure camping trips. But they are best for wind and winter weather.

Tunnel Tent

Tunnel tents are the most popular types of camping tents for families. They are large and have separate “rooms” for family members to sleep in and store gear. So if you are camping with your baby and need a separate space for baby’s nap after they finish feeding, this camp is an excellent choice!”

Most of these tents have a good head height so adults can stand. They are simple to assemble but disassembling is often tricky as the tents are large and tent bags seem small.

They are great tents for car camping or at a campsite because they are quite large. Most tunnel tents are suitable for warm weather but nothing extreme.

Cabin tents are like tunnel tents but are often even bigger. They resemble a literal outdoor cabin but without the separate “rooms” that tunnel tents offer.



Dome Tent

This is one of the most common types of tents. They have a dome shape and fit two-four people. Pop-up tents often take the shape of dome tents.

Dome tents are available in varying qualities and prices which make the cheaper versions a popular weekend festival tent. It is unlikely you would be able to stand up in a dome tent and most one-person trekking tents are dome-shaped.

They can weigh very little which makes them best for traveling.

Different Types of Tents for Every Camper

There is no one perfect tent that will suit everybody for every trip. But there are better types of tents for certain trips.

As long as you choose a tent that fits your needs and style of camping, you will no doubt have a comfortable and successful camping trip.

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