Eating Healthy On Business Trips

When you’re on a business trip, it can be difficult to manage your health and well-being. Fortunately, we are here to provide more information on how to stay healthy when traveling on a business trip.

Eating Healthy On Business Trips
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It can be quite hard to bring professional life and healthy living together. All that stress, moving around, eating out at restaurants and much more. None of these things are great for your well-being or eating healthily. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. The good news is that you can eat healthily when in transit. We are here to tell you more about what to do the next time you go away on business.

In Transit

All that airplane food – it isn’t really good for your health, is it? A lot of airplane food has to be kept from going bad so it requires a lot of preservatives and unwanted chemicals. When you’re high up in the sky, the body also has different reactions to taste, so the food often contains added salt and sugar. We highly recommend bringing your own packed lunch on the plane or if you’re going to eat, stay away from buttered rolls and jam. It can be tempting to drink sugary drinks as they are available for free, they won’t help you stay hydrated, so avoid them at all costs.

Eating Out

It can be difficult to avoid eating in restaurants when on business trips. You might have to wine and dine your guests and clients. If you know that you’ve got to have dinner in the evening at a restaurant, have a light meal in the daytime. The good news is that people all around the world are opting for more health-conscious meals and restaurants are having to keep on top of these trends. This means that there are probably a lot of healthy food options at restaurants. Avoid any extras and putting free butter onto everything. We would also suggest avoiding drinking alcohol when you’re on your business trip as all you’ll be doing is putting on empty calories.

Avoiding Excessive Sugar Consumption

It’s important to talk about sugar because our consumption of it is a problem and it answers why is a healthy diet important. If you eat too much sugar you can develop diabetes, increase your risk of heart disease and put on weight very easily. It can be tempting when you’re on the go to rely on junk food and this is commonly packed full of sugar, but resist the urge to eat it. Pack your own meals and snacks that won’t perish easily such as dehydrated vegetables before you go on a trip. Also, stock up on any best keto supplement that you need if you have little time to find fresh produce. Go for products that are naturally sweet when you’re having dessert such as fruit and if you’re going to eat ice cream, opt for low-fat options.

Breakfast Business Trip Buffet

When you stay at a swanky hotel, rule number one will be to stay clear of the buffet, or at least the unhealthy options. Of course, the situation will often be that you’re not able to avoid it, but if you’re there we’d recommend going for protein-rich options such as eggs and beans that will fill you up for the day. Always choose whole-grain toast and cereal with complex carbohydrates that last long and are released slowly. If you can do all of these things, you’ll be less likely to snack on unhealthy foods throughout the day. People commonly experience jetlag on business trips, but try not to rely on caffeine too much – it can make you dehydrated.

It’s All In the Mind

Most of our food habits can be adapted just by changing the way we think about food. When you’ve finished your day of work, you’ll probably just want to go to the hotel and have something unhealthy as a treat, but think about doing things that aren’t food-related as a reward such as watching a movie. If you’re wondering about how to stick to a diet on a trip, bring your own prepared healthy food for work so that you can keep on top of dietary goals and resist the urge to snack. You’ll be far less likely to buy other food if you have some that you’ll need to eat. Train your mind just like you’d train at the gym to lose weight.


Going on business can often lead to a lot of unhealthy decisions being made, but hopefully, now you’ll know what not to do and will have the tools to stay healthy. You can stick to whatever diet plan and goals you have when you’re on the move. All the best!

Author’s Bio: Chele is a copywriter with an avid interest in nutrition and health. She loves supporting her local kids’ charity that gives underprivileged children a chance to go on trips to the beach and other places. Other than writing, Chele loves being outdoors and playing disc golf.

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